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Introducing BlockChyp Payments in RMPro

Summary RM Innovation is excited to announce integration with a new payment processing service BlockChyp! This solution offers many new benefits to RMPro, and overall improves the efficiency of collecting payments – both for you as a user, and for your customers. The new capabilities include secure payments, debit cards, chip cards, proximity tap, and…

Custom Orders in RMPro

Custom Orders in RMPro

Custom Orders in RMPro Custom Item Details Just like other places in RMPro, you can enter specific attributes such as content, shape, background color, size, etc. In addition, you also have a place to put Project and Room, which is saved per custom order invoice. Attach Documents Pretty much any type of file can be…

The Pain of Managing Customer services

The Pains of Managing Customer Services

In the oriental rug industry, cleaning and repairing fine expensive rugs have become the more stable and profitable side of the business. Not everybody is ready to invest thousands of dollars on something new – but anybody who already has needs to protect their investment. Cleaning and repair can usually take days or even weeks…

pains of customer quotation

The Pains of Customer Quotations

Closing sales in the retail industry can be tricky, especially if your customers are willing to pay you thousands of dollars on investment. Salespeople need to juggle numerous customers at once, following up with them in time to boost their sales. But there tends to be a lack of collaboration across the sales team. Suppose…



The abundance of new technology, coupled with the Covid-19 Pandemic, has triggered a frightening acceleration in consumer-based online shopping or, as it is collectively known, «eCommerce». Fewer still understood the difficult process of actually putting their inventory online or creating or managing a «web store» without encountering a truckload of headaches. RMPro’s eCommerce integration removes a large part of the aforementioned «pain», by simplifying and streamlining the entire process. In a few steps, RMPro uploads and publishes the product information to your website.