Multiple Invoice Types

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There are different types of invoices which you can do in the POS including Sale, Approval, Consignment, Service, Back Order, Custom Order, Sale Out-of-State, Layaway, and Sales Orders, each with its unique purpose. You need to know which type of invoice you need to create before beginning it.

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Problems that we Have the solutions

Fragmented Rug Retail Process

Rug retail involves a sequential process where customers visit, select, and make payments with intervals in between.

Multiple Invoice Types in RMPro

RMPro supports diverse invoice types, each for specific needs, ensuring accurate creation and managemen.

Challenges in Customer Scenarios

Varied orders and situations require customized handling approaches in Rug retail operations

Customized Invoice Management

RMPro offers customizable handling approaches for varied orders and situations in Rug retail


RMPro supports several different invoice types for different purposes. You can create a basic sale (stock inventory), approval (try before you buy), consignment (to customer), back order (from vendor), custom order (for something that doesn’t exist), services (cleaning, repair, etc.), and layaway (keep on hold for customer). You can also create a quotation for nearly all those invoice types.

An approval invoice allows customers to possess inventory temporarily for a try-before-you-buy option, helping build confidence and improve inventory management.

Consignment invoices enable businesses to transfer inventory to retailers, reaching a wider audience and benefiting from existing customer bases and brand recognition.

Service invoices are utilized to bill customers for non-inventory-based services rendered, such as consulting or repair work, providing accurate records, and transparent billing.

Backorder invoices allow customers to place orders for out-of-stock items, ensuring they can acquire their desired products once they are restocked.

RMPro allows easy tracking of custom orders, attaching documents, and communicating with vendors or clients for efficient management.

RMPro simplifies out-of-state sales by automatically disabling taxes for such transactions, ensuring compliance and accurate record-keeping.

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