Multi Locations

From Fragmented to Flawless with Centralized Inventory and Transactions for Business Success.

Multi-Location is a unified solution for managing inventory and transactions from one central database. Sync actions across stores to ensure consistency and facilitate business control.


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Problems That We Have The Solutions

Multiple Tracking Systems

Multiple stores result in fragmented coordination, overlapped file numbers, and numerical systems.

Standardized Central Database

Standardized Central Database Sharing a central database can help create a unified and integrated environment.

Disjointed Reporting

Lack of unity prevents identifying good vs poor performing stores.

Easy Comparing sale reports

Balancing different store performances can be done via their coordinated reports.

Inventory Translocation

Inventory translocation records are mostly inaccurate and outdated.

Trackable Translocations

Transactions become trackable, and so do inventory translocations.

Difficult Starting Up

Starting up a new store is difficult and causes hesitation.

Easy Going Startups

Easy-going startups help the growth and expansion of the company.

Deciphering Data and Reports

Analyzing multiple stores’ mixed data generates confusion.

Location Specific Transactions

Separate transactions and activities operate in their specific locations.


Yes, you can. RMPro is scalable, so you can use it to manage inventory at hundreds of stores. Every item in your inventory is set to be at a particular location, and when you physically move items from one location to another, you can create a corresponding Transfer in RMPro to reflect this movement. Not only that, but RMPro audits this transfer so that you can make sure everything that was sent, is physically received (and not stolen by an employee). RMPro also allows Sales and Returns between locations and automatically prepares a Transfer request for these items if you choose to configure it to do so.

Yes, you can. This would require a dedicated server computer and a VPN configured between each of your locations. Please have your IT professional contact the RMPro Support team for more information.

Multi-location businesses can switch between stores using the dropdown menu at the top right of the Main screen.

Yes, you can use different settings for each location by adjusting the tax setup and default values in the Locations setup for each specific location. This feature allows you to customize the tax information and default values for each individual location within your system. Whether you are using the Point of Sale or the RMPro Back Office, the values set for each location will automatically fill in when you are logged in to that specific location.

Yes, it is possible to retain inventory and transaction history by merging the location to be removed with an existing location. This can be achieved by selecting a destination location and the source location that needs to be merged, and initiating the merging process. All customers, invoices, transfers, inventory, and other relevant information associated with the source location will be moved to the selected destination location. The source location will be deleted.

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