Physical Inventory

The Physical Inventory utility in RMPro helps audit inventory by comparing actual stock with the RMPro database. Batches are entered and compared until all items are audited and missing items are shown.


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Time-consuming Inventory Audit

Time-consuming and interrupted inventory reconciliation for numerous products causes significant pain.

RMPro’s Physical Inventory

RMPro's Physical Inventory ensures efficient batch input and accurate stock-comparing and monitoring.

Inaccurate Recording

Incorrect product attributes cause inaccurate inventory reports and faulty eCommerce search results.

Inventory Reconciliation

Allow editing of product attributes during physical inventory to streamline updates and reconciliation.

Room For Errors

Coordination among multiple people during reconciliation can lead to misinterpretation and thus invalid exceptions.

Barcode Scanning

Use barcode scanning to eliminate errors during item number communication and transmission.


Yes, absolutely! You have the option to turn off real-time synchronization with your website and manually sync your data at any time. Simply access the settings and remove the check from the option for Automatic synchronization.

The time it takes to conduct an inventory audit using RMPro Physical Inventory software depends on the size of the inventory and the number of people involved in the process. However, it is significantly faster than the manual method.
Having a readable barcode on every item and a barcode scanner to read those barcodes makes the process faster. The scanner should be capable of storing the scanned numbers in memory (batch scanner), and loaded onto the computer only when you’ve finished scanning one batch. If you have a Direct Input scanner (no memory), then you will need another person at the computer at all times and ensure every scanned item is sent to the computer successfully.
Physical Inventory is capable of handling multiple locations, but only one at a time.

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