RMPro’s Home Screen Dashboard offers a quick overview of your business operations, allowing you to assess its current state and determine the necessary actions. It summarizes important information for easy decision-making.
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Problems That We Have The Solutions

Missing Critical Events

Having data dispersed across multiple sources makes it difficult to access urgent issues in the software

Urgent Business Alerts

Stay informed with our daily alerts, organized by urgency, for effective business management

Identifying Sales Trends

An in-depth analysis is necessary to identify sales trends and areas of improvement

Year-to-Date Chart

Track and monitor growth using a yearly comparison of performance up to this date displayed on the YTD chart

Report Search Challenges

The difficulty of accessing and analyzing diverse data contributes to inefficiency

Accessing Pre-configured Reports

Find pre-configured reports for any business need, from critical information to improving your business

Tracking Customer Sales/Services

Examining detailed data on Customer Sales and Service versus goals requires digging into various reports

Sales/Services Comparison

Check out the Customer Sales/Services section for a quick comparison of actual sales/services to desired goals

Scattered Payment Reports

Looking for a complete summary of customer payments from scattered reports can be time-consuming

Customer Payment Overview

View all customer payments, invoices, and payment tracking numbers, along with customer information to follow up

Missing Payment Due Dates

Managing outstanding balances and due dates for customers and vendors can be overwhelming

Dashboard Financial Tracking

Track Accounts Receivable and Payable in the Dashboard to prevent missing due dates and financial risks

Manual Inventory Tracking

Keeping track of inventory value and status manually is not an easy task

Inventory Status Overview

Access a line-by-line breakdown of inventory numbers and statuses, based on specific categories


There are many tools available for RMPro which can improve your business. This includes things like Analysis Reports, Dashboard, Open-to-Buy, SMART Growth, SMART Analytics, and much more.
The main screen of RMPro’s “Back Office” application is the Home Screen Dashboard. All users can access this dashboard, and the most critical data is displayed right in front of you with only a click. Each piece of information can be clicked to see more details, giving you immediate access to things that need attention. This includes Alerts, Customer Sales, Customer Services, Customer Payments, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Current Inventory. User privileges can be configured to control who is able to see what, and users may also choose what they want to see.
The dashboard information cannot be exported directly, however, you can double click on any row to view the detailed report, and export it to Excel, PDF, or any other format you may be familiar with.

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Home Screen Dashboard-image
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