Rebranding is a strategy to combat showrooming by hiding real product information from customers. RMPro’s Rebranding feature helps retailers use made-up names or codes and search for inventory using rebranded names.

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To find the best price, customers browse in-store products, note the details and search it online.

Rebranding Feature

Hide the real information in the customer-facing places by using made-up names and codes.

Sharing Product Information

A salesperson may share sensitive product information with customers tempted to leave.

Protecting Actual Information

Protect the actual product information by masking it at all customer-facing locations.

No Brand Name Specified

If no brand name is specified, the real information may be revealed.

Leave Blank or Revert

When no rebranded values are defined, the RMPro displays blank or reverts to its original value.

Retrieving Rebranded Items

Invoices or tags containing no actual information cannot be used to look up items.

Search with Rebranded Names

With Inventory Inquiry, you can search by rebranded values instead of actual values.


Yes, RMPro comes with a re-branding module that allows you to enter your own brand names for Vendors, Collections, Designs, and SKU codes. The original vendor’s values are still visible across RMPro, except for places that a customer may see, such as inventory tags, invoice print-outs, and some other places that list item information. This prevents “showrooming”, where a customer may find a product online for cheaper than you’re selling it for.
RMPro allows retailers to search for items by their rebranded values, rather than their real values in the “Rebranded” tab in Inventory Inquiry.
Yes, it is. When using RMPro, you can pull all rebranded values from DataLink. Also, when using DataLink for creating Purchase Orders, creating Back Order invoices, printing Item and SKU Collection tags, or even updating RMPro inventory information in Inventory Inquiry result screen, users can optionally see both the real and rebranded values.

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