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Introducing BlockChyp Payments in RMPro

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RM Innovation is excited to announce integration with a new payment processing service BlockChyp! This solution offers many new benefits to RMPro, and overall improves the efficiency of collecting payments – both for you as a user, and for your customers.
The new capabilities include secure payments, debit cards, chip cards, proximity tap, and even emailing a payment link to your customer from RMPro! Using BlockChyp in RMPro, you’ll immediately see how you can easily support modern payment practices in RMPro.

Modern Payment Types

The world of technology has drastically changed, whether you like it or not. Swiping a customer’s card with a magnetic reader is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and is being replaced by other means of collecting payments. This includes EMV chip cards, wirelessly tapping your card, or even Apple Pay or Google Pay. RMPro with BlockChyp supports all these payment types, adding flexibility for your customers in the modern world.

Super Secure

It’s inevitable that cyber security has been an increasing concern around the world. BlockChyp eliminates the need for painful PCI compliance requirements by handling that security for you, and even has triple-encrypted communication, protecting you and your customer’s sensitive payment information.
RMPro keeps track of a unique token for your customers’ cards, rather than the raw card information. This way, only BlockChyp knows how to make use of those sensitive details.

Contactless Payment Link

In recent years, the world’s been facing the fears of COVID-19, and everyone’s looking for new ways of buying things without being physically present. For that, BlockChyp offers you to send a payment link to the customer’s email directly from within RMPro!

Your customer will be able to supply their payment details on their own time, and BlockChyp will automatically process their payment and report back to RMPro. You can further keep track of payment requests sent out to your customers, so you’re sure to follow up and collect payment remotely.

Improved Customer Experience

Using BlockChyp, both you and your customer can have a seamless interaction together while collecting payment. They can see line items on the payment device in front of them, and even sign digitally right on the terminal’s touch screen. Further, you can customize and brand your payment device, making sure it provides what your customers need in the world of retail.

You no longer need to know what method of payment your customer intends to use – instead, the payment device takes care of all that, and whatever payment method they used will be automatically reported back to RMPro’s Point-of-Sale!

Disruption Tolerant

Have an unexpected internet outage? Maybe you have a network equipment failure? In any case, this shouldn’t stop you from checking out customers. BlockChyp’s Store/Forward support allows you to collect payments offline, and as soon as your connection is restored, those transactions will be automatically processed. Now you can ensure streamlined check-out in areas with poor internet!

This of course comes with a risk, especially when dealing with high-ticket invoices. BlockChyp allows you to set a cap on the maximum allowed Store/Forward transaction, preventing losses from insufficient funds, or invalid cards.

Quick Startup

You don’t have to wait to get signed up with BlockChyp in RMPro! You will be up and running credit cards in no time. Simply sign up with BlockChyp, order the payment terminal(s) through either BlockChyp or RM Innovation, then use their quick setup guide to get it all going!

There’s only a few things you will need to enable in RMPro, and you’ll need to configure each payment terminal for each workstation that uses it. BlockChyp makes it quick and easy to pair one of their devices with your account, so you can be up and running overnight!

Easy Support

Having problems with processing card payments? If the error messages and prompts you see while running transactions don’t help, it’s simple to get support. RMPro support can help you with most problems, but sometimes you need support from the payment gateway themselves.

BlockChyp fully supports all the workings on their end and is quickly ready to help you out when needed.

What’s Next?

RM Innovation will be soon dropping support for the Cayan / TSYS integration, and will instead focus on implementing BlockChyp. Because of their lack of communication and response from TSYS, we’re unable to continue support in RMPro for their services any longer. Therefore, we can no longer suggest the MerchantWare integration in RMPro.

This also means we will be removing the even older support for ICVerify, which is far from meeting modern industry standards. Who wants to use a solution which requires you to downgrade your version of Internet Explorer? Nobody.

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

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