Email-SMS Notification Solution

No need to keep sifting through tons of irrelevant data to exploit the latest updates. Stay updated with RMPro automatic email reminders and follow-up SMS notifications!

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Problems That We Have The Solutions

Manager’s Lack of Access

The business manager has little visibility and access to the stores’ conditions

Automatic Email/Text System

Email and SMS notification system always keeps the business manager updated and informed

Data Discovery Challenge

Discovering available data can be impossible if one does not know where to look

Efficient Data Retrieval

Find the information you need without having to dig through reports

Finding Specific Data

It takes a long time to manually look up for some data, especially when in a hurry

Save Time and Energy

You’ll considerably save time when not having to manually look for some given data

No Reminder System

Lots of critical appointments and events will be missed when no staff is available

Reminders Informing Staff

Follow-up reminders are automatically sent to employees not to miss appointments and activities

Customers Not Showing Up

Customers forget their appointments which lead to sales loss

Customer Reminders

Customers will be reminded to attend the appointment

No coordination for employee schedule

Employees, not aware of the schedule change, will show up late

Reminders updating employees

Employees are always updated on what their work schedule is

No means for notifying theft

There’s no visibility of unusual and malicious activity that is grabbing attention

Exposed User Activities

User activities are exposed to the supervisor to immediately act toward malicious employees


With RMPro’s Notification system, you can configure multiple employees to receive email or SMS messages for various situations. For example, beginning-of-day sales (who they need to follow up with to collect money), Back Order items received (so they can call their customer to let them know), and customer appointment notifications (when they are scheduled for an appointment).
Yes, RMPro has a Notification System which can send you, or people of your choice customized notification messages whenever certain things occur in RMPro.
A notification message can be triggered by a variety of events in the RMPro Notification system, and these events are divided into three groups: Global Notifications, Customer Appointments, and Employee Scheduling and Clock-in.

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