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Ensure accountability and security for your sensitive data with RMPro’s Multi-User feature. Define access privileges, track user activity using logged transactions, and prevent unauthorized malicious activities
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Problems That We Have The Solutions

Users Free Access

Open access raises the risk of employee theft, malicious activities, or unauthorized access to sensitive data

Users Secured Access

Users are banned from modifying anything they haven’t explicitly been granted access

Unclear Accountability

The lack of accountability makes it difficult to pinpoint who is responsible

Recording Logged-in Users

Record logged-in users for easy identification and accountability of actions


Yes. RMPro is a scalable system that can support hundreds of concurrent users. Please bear in mind that your server should be powerful enough to handle as many users as you intend to concurrently connect. For example, if you intend to have 50 concurrent users (using RMPro at the same time), you will need a powerful, dedicated server computer and a fast network.
Very much so. Your data is your business’ most valuable asset. RMPro has a vast set of privileges that can be set up for each user to restrict their access to only what they need to do. For example, one of the most commonly used privileges is Price/Cost. Usually, users are restricted from seeing the vendor’s cost, which also includes any profit information as well.
RMPro includes several precautions that help prevent employee theft and fraudulent activity. Each user has many privileges that may be configured by an administrator. Transactions and other activities record who did what. Reports give you visibility on user activity, and voided transactions are still accessible in a clear voided state. Transaction amounts and other details cannot be arbitrarily modified, and most importantly: RMPro notifies responsible parties upon any user activity through email or text – giving you a chance to stop employee theft as soon as it happens.

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Multi Users-main-image
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