Service Management

Take Control of Service Operations for Next-Level Retail Management Success!

Our Service Management solution allows you to not only track service invoices, but also to configure the specific operations associated with each service and keep track of progress.

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Problems That We Have The Solutions

Service Progression Invisibility

Not updating customers on the service progression causes delays and generates dissatisfaction

Service Tracking Made Easy

Each service is broken down into multiple smaller levels, assigned, and tagged accordingly, facilitating service tracking

Manual Tag Creation

Manual tagging wastes time and makes tags difficult to read

Customizable Tags

Create customizable service tags that save time and improve readability across systems

Minimal Item Information

Inadequate item information creates ownership confusion

Standardized Product Attributes

Ensure consistency of item information by using standardized product attributes prompt

Tracking Pick-up/ Drop-off

Figuring out customer location and the service operation is problematic

Invoice Being Flagged Specifically

Flagging system helps prevent mistakes and return orders in a timely manner

Tracking Services from Third-Parties

There are numerous confusions to track the orders if third-parties are engaged

Keeping Track of Third Parties

Efficient tracking provides better relationship management and services to be operated in a timely manner

Recording Item Location

Recording specific in-house locations of the customer’s belongings is a pain

Different Zone Assignment

Identifying an item's location is streamlined based on their status or tags

Little Information of the Service Ordered

There is minimal information regarding the details of the service to be operated

Clarified Arranged Service

Clarified Operations facilitate identifying potential bottlenecks or any required resources

Ensuring first-in, first-out order

Managing services according to their turns and queues need efficient programming

In-process Tracking

Providing visual records of the process and the result of the service helps detailed process documenting

Manual Pricing

Manual pricing slows down the procedure and raises the risk of mistakes in preparing invoices

Pre-configuring Prices Per Feature

Pre-configured pricing per item’s features, accelerates invoice writing, determines the net prices and reduces probable mistakes


RMPro supports several different invoice types for different purposes. You can create a basic sale (stock inventory), approval (try before you buy), consignment (to customer), back order (from vendor), custom order (for something that doesn’t exist), services (cleaning, repair, etc.), and layaway (keep on hold for customer). You can also create a quotation for nearly all those invoice types.
Yes, it is possible to record services outsourced to third parties using RMPro’s Third-Party module. This module allows you to record the movement of your customers’ items outside of your facility, associate service work orders sent to the third-party to perform the services, and keep track of when items are returned back to you from the third-party.
The Service Management module in RMPro is a dedicated application for labor workers to track the progress of service work, identify priorities, and provide real-time updates on what is being done, what has been done, and any issues that arise. It allows different shifts of workers to know where a service was left off so they can continue seamlessly. The module also provides a platform for workers to report on ongoing activities and for managers to take action as soon as services are completed.

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