Vendor Data Integration

Add the power of DataLink to your RMPro, enabling you to create purchase orders, back orders, clean up inventory, and print tags, using your real-time product information and images.

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Problems That We Have The Solutions

Inconsistency in Identifying Products

The lack of industry standards causes inconsistency in rug identification and design codes

Standard Product Data

DataLink offers standardized browsing and cleaning of historical data for better analytics

Big Margin for Mistakes

Manual product data entry leads to an increased risk of errors and typos

Vendor products Collection

Easily access standardized product information and images from multiple vendors

Scattered Product Information

Gathering scattered product information manually is a tedious and time-consuming process

Automated Product Data Entry

Drastically speed up product data entry, filling in the missing data points using DataLink

Manually Juggling Images

Juggling and matching thousands of product images is time-consuming and costly

Automated Product image Entry

Utilize DataLink's centralized product images and data to eliminate the need to search for product images

Manually Managing Prices

Maintaining consistency in pricing is challenging when prices are managed manually

Price Consistency

Access the latest pricing information, status, and quantity within DataLink


Yes, you may choose to add our DataLink solution so that RMPro has access to your vendors’ product data. DataLink is a separate service available from RM Innovation to provide you the latest product information for most of the major rug vendors. This product information is standardized, vetted, and includes numerous data points that you may otherwise not have access to, including product images and pricing.
There are four main places in RMPro where DataLink integration can help. These include creating purchase orders, back-order invoices, printing collection or item-collection tags, and updating existing inventory through inventory inquiry. With DataLink integration, you can access all the product data from all the major rug vendors directly within RMPro.
By integrating with DataLink, RMPro can get all of the rug vendor’s collection’s product information, including sizes, shapes and images, as well as the latest prices directly from the vendor.

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