Shipping & Delivery

RMPro’s Shipping and Delivery module allows tracking inventory movements with various types of documents. It is accessible from any relevant screen in RMPro and supports a variety of methods.

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Lack of Tracking System

A document is required to keep track of inventory being shipped, delivered, or stored.

Shipping & Delivery Transparency

RMPro Shipping and Delivery lets you record and track shipments in both directions.

Associated Shipping Documents

Shipping can be associated with numerous documents depending on the nature of the transaction.

Shortcuts from Related Screens

Shipping module shortcuts are available from related screens like Purchase orders, Invoices and vendor Returns.

Shipments via Third-party Companies

Whenever items are shipped via a third-party shipping company, tracking requires visiting the third-party website.

Tracking Third-party Shipments

Third-party shipments can be tracked via tracking numbers, and updates can be recorded when the items are shipped, or received.

Lack of Follow-up System

There must be a follow-up of the shipping status and notification of those involved.

Automated Notifications

If Notifications are used and configured, changing Shipment status can trigger related notifications.


Yes, you can split a purchase order into multiple shipments by unchecking the items you don’t wish to include in the delivery. You can also create another delivery for unchecked items.
Yes, you can pack items into separate packages by creating another delivery for each package and checking only the items in that package.
There is an option to set reminders for each shipment in Company Calendar and they will appear under the section relating to the address.

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