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Get ready for efficient employee scheduling that will save you hours.

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Lack of visibility of employee work schedules, and off days

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In Employee Scheduling module, any privileged user can create and manage employee schedules

Schedule your team quickly with RMPro’s Powerful Employee Management Tool

Get ready for efficient employee scheduling that will save you hours.

See how RMPro Employee management can help you:

  • Schedule your staff quickly and easily across multiple roles and locations.
  • Identify empty shifts and fill them with available employees
  • Provide qualified replacements on days when one employee is absent
  • Provide quick and efficient notification of any potential schedule changes by integrating with the Automatic Notification system
  • Establish a clear picture of your wage costs, find a solution to improve them, and ensure the company is operating within its budget
  • Keep track of employee attendance, meal times, and breaks
  • Send schedule reports to employees, letting them be aware of their schedules and potential changes

Make Employee Schedules in Less than a Minute

RMPro Employee Scheduling software will help you schedule your employees daily, monthly, annually, and quarterly, saving you a lot of time. Assign shifts to employees based on their skills and qualifications. In this way, you will ensure that you have the right people at the right time across different roles and locations. The scheduling tool allows you to create, copy, and publish schedules across one or more locations easily.

Monitor wages and hours compliance to Improve Labor Cost Rate

The RMPro Employee Management system enables you to gain a more accurate understanding of wage and hour compliance, which allows you to improve your labor cost rate.

Additionally, you may wish to consider setting a limit on the number of hours an employee is permitted to work each day or per week. This will help prevent employee fatigue. To avoid unnecessary overtime, part-timers can also have their schedules restricted. Keeping your work hours efficient will allow you to reduce wage costs and avoid going over budget. 

Easily Track Employee Time by Collecting Information from Other Modules

The Employee Management system relieves you of the stress of tracking employee time on outside appointments, breaks, and lunches. With its seamless integration with POS, Appointment Management, and Time and Attendance modules, it syncs employees’ information into their work schedules. Thus, it automatically tracks salespeople’s time with customers, employees’ time at a customer appointment, and their entrance and exit times and includes them in their work schedule, allowing you to have more accurate schedules. Additionally, it covers the time spent during meal and rest breaks. 

Never be short-staffed by Efficient Handling of Absences

You can add leave requests to RMPro’s employee management system. The apriori marking of off times makes the schedules more clear and reliable, allowing you to quickly cover leaves and manage unavailability by finding qualified replacements earlier, or swapping shifts with other members of the team who are available.

Further, you can use the first-come, first-served system in Employee Management to manage available shifts fairly among your salespeople.

Instantly Share the Schedules and Changes in Schedules with your Employees

Upon completion of the scheduling process, export employee schedules separately for each employee and provide them with them. RMPro Notifications ensure that if any schedule changes occur, the latest updates will be sent straight to their mobile devices. Additionally, they may be reminded of their customer appointments.

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