Vendor Management

RMPro allows you to keep track of Vendors and relevant information about each one. You can easily manage every related transaction, including Purchase Orders, Vendor Invoices, Vendor Payments, Vendor Returns, etc.


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Problems That We Have The Solutions

Paper-based Vendor Management

Inefficient paper-based vendor management leading to communication and tracking challenges.

Streamlined Process

Implement a centralized vendor management system for streamlined access to all vendor information.

Lack of Control

Lack of visibility and control over purchase orders, invoices, and payments.

Automated Tracking

Utilize an automated system for quick and efficient tracking Pos and recording of invoices and payments.

No Sales Performance Analysis

Limited ability to evaluate vendor performance based on sales and inventory data.

Real-time Analytics

Utilize real-time analytics to evaluate vendor performance with vendor management system.

Lack of Communication Tracking

Inefficient communication tracking leads to missed deadlines and opportunities.

Call Log System

Keep track of and navigate calls to and from vendors. Create follow-up and reminders.


Yes, when creating a Purchase Order in RMPro, you can mark certain items as Consigned so that RMPro knows these items don’t actually belong to you, yet – and will also warn you if these items are sold (in which case you need to pay your Vendor). A special module is available in RMPro to be able to “purchase consigned items” which essentially instructs RMPro that these items are no longer consigned but now purchased from your Vendor. Several other tools and reports help keep your purchased inventory separate from your consigned inventory, so you know what you own and what you don’t.
Yes, you can private notes on a vendor invoice and only users with the appropriate permissions can view them.
Yes, it is possible to pay several vendor invoices. It is also possible to make a partial payment for a single vendor invoice.

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