100+ Standard Reports

RMPro provides a versatile report module for businesses to generate custom reports across various categories, from customers to performance, to gain valuable insights into their operations.
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Keeping Up-to-date

Managers need to always stay on top of things to ensure high quality levels.

Well-organized Reports

RMPro standard reports provide well-organized, consolidated, and up-to-date information about a subject.

Data-Driven Decision Making

For planning a future strategy and decision-making process, managers need reliable data.

Forecasting with RMPro

RMPro Reports facilitate historical information analysis and help managers predict the future path.

Unstructured Data

A large volume of unstructured and unorganized data is overwhelming and hinders comprehension.

Interactive Reporting Features

Maximize your data analysis efficiency with interactive reporting features like drilldowns, expandable regions, sorting and filtering.


Yes, there is a large set of reports that allow you to monitor practically every aspect of your business. From inventory best/worst sellers and best-selling customer zip codes to the standard every-day reports like Sales Analysis, Payment Summary, Inventory Sold by Period, Sales Tax, and much, much more. There are over 120 reports, each of which can be customized in thousands of different ways, providing you with near infinite possible reports. For easier navigation, the Reports are grouped into folders by subject and there is a free text search by report name. Also, users can create their own Favorite list of reports.
Yes, many different reports also have a charts available. There are a number of comparison reports, such as Yearly Sales Comparison, which display multiple years month-by-month, which can also be viewed as a chart. In fact, the charts are customizable to your liking, so you can view data as a pie chart, line chart, or bar chart.
A range of customization options are available in RMPro, including the option to choose titles and headers, select columns to print and change column headers, create queries for data selection, and determine the order in which the records are printed. These options allow users to create highly specific and personalized reports to meet their unique business needs.

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