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Looking for a roadmap to success for your business? With RMPro SMART Growth, track your progress toward your business objectives and develop strategies for achieving them.
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Problems That We Have The Solutions

Historical Data Processing

The processing of historical data incurs significant time and financial costs.

Analysis of three-year sales

Analyze 3-year accumulated sales and service data with SMART Growth at various intervals.

Difficulty in Data Interpretation

Interpreting historical data for business application is difficult and often confusing.

Visual Chart and Reports

Clearly see the progress toward organizational goals with visual charts and detailed reports.

Achieving Goals

Motivating employees to meet goals can be difficult without appropriate incentives.

Achievement incentives

Implement incentive payouts for achieving goals, encouraging employees to work towards targets.

Quantifying Growth

Quantifying growth requires overwhelming calculations, leading to complexity.

Clear Growth Strategy

Identify your growth strategy by increasing the invoice number or the average invoice amount.

Sales and Service Goals

Growth can be confusing if service goals are not differentiated from sales goals.

Separate Goals

Set separate goals for sales and services to avoid confusion and prioritize growth.


There are many tools available for RMPro which can improve your business. This includes things like Analysis Reports, Dashboard, Open-to-Buy, SMART Growth, SMART Analytics, and much more.
Our SMART Growth tool takes a look at your last few years of business, predicts how much you can expect within the next year, and tells you exactly what you will need to do, if you are trying to grow your business. That’s by either increasing the average number of invoices, or by increasing the average amount per invoice. In either case, SMART Growth gives you visibility into the future, and a plan of action.
You may group all your employees, and offer them incentive payouts if you reach your regular goals. This may include different levels of employees, from salespeople to laborers, drivers, and cleaners. The SMART Growth tool also assists you in calculating these incentives and provides charts and graphs for everyone to keep track of how close you are from your growth goals.

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