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Shop Smarter & Sell Faster with Real-Time Data Integration between your Retail and Ecommerce

RMPro’s eCommerce integration simplifies and automates the process of uploading and managing inventory on your website, ensuring clean product data and accurate pricing. Sales are seamlessly recorded as invoices in RMPro for easy management.

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Problems That We Have The Solutions

Difficulty in Manual Publishing

Manual publishing of product data to the website is time-consuming, tedious, and repetitive.

Automatic Bulk Publishing

Automate bulk inventory publishing to the website, saving time and eliminating manual processes.

Product Data Presentability

Cleaning up product data is tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone, leading to invalid or cluttered website data.

Normalized Product Data

Standardize the process of cleaning up product data before publishing to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Difficulty in Image Preparation

Preparing multiple images for a single item is tedious, requiring copying and uploading from the system.

Effortless Image Uploading

Automate image uploading and attachment to items on the website, eliminating manual intervention.

Inconsistency in status updates

Manually synchronizing inventory status and availability between the system and website may lead to inconsistency.

Seamless synchronization of item status

Automate status updates in RMPro to sync with the website, eliminating the need for manual checks.

Product Information Changes

Manually synchronizing product information changes on the website is a cumbersome and inconsistent task.

Product Data Synchronization

Automate product data synchronization between RMPro and websites to ensure real-time matching and prevent discrepancies

Manual Recording of Web Sales

Manual recording of web sales in the Point-of-Sale system is inefficient, potentially resulting in errors or missed sales.

Real-Time Web Sales Recording

Check item availability, and record web sales as invoices back in RMPro immediately


Yes, absolutely! You have the option to turn off real-time synchronization with your website and manually sync your data at any time. Simply access the settings and remove the check from the option for Automatic synchronization.

If the items have the same item number on your website, they will not be duplicated. Instead, under the “Published Already” column, you will see a checkmark indicating that they have already been published. This makes it easy for you to find and remove them, or update them again if necessary.

Yes, you can. The Bucket screen in RMPro allows you to reprice the items within the bucket without making any actual changes in your inventory. This feature is useful if you want to run a promotion or sale for a limited time period. Additionally, the Bucket screen keeps a record of price changes, which can be reset whenever required. This way, you can easily manage the pricing of your items and keep track of changes over time.

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