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Custom Orders in RMPro

Custom Orders in RMPro
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Custom Orders in RMPro

Custom Item Details

Just like other places in RMPro, you can enter specific attributes such as content, shape, background color, size, etc. In addition, you also have a place to put Project and Room, which is saved per custom order invoice.

Attach Documents

Pretty much any type of file can be attached to each custom order item. Whatever the case may be, you can save these files inside RMPro and open them from any other RMPro computer.

Commit Order

The rest of the tracking process then works the same as any other backorder – you submit the PO to the vendor, receive the inventory, and mark it as sold to the customer.

Introducing BlockChyp

This solution offers many new benefits to RMPro, and overall, improves the efficiency of collecting payments – both for you as a user and for your customers. Using BlockChyp in RMPro, you’ll immediately see how you can easily support modern payment practices in RMPro.

Swiping a customer’s card with a magnetic reader is quickly becoming a thing of the past and is being replaced by other means of collecting payments.

Super Secure

BlockChyp eliminates the need for painful PCI compliance requirements by handling that security for you and even has triple-encrypted communication, protecting you and your customer’s sensitive payment information. RMPro keeps track of a unique token for your customers’ cards rather than the raw card information.

Disruption Tolerant

BlockChyp allows you to set a cap on the maximum allowed Store/Forward transaction, preventing losses from insufficient funds or invalid cards. You will need to enable only a few things in RMPro, and you’ll need to configure each payment terminal for each workstation that uses it.

What’s Next?

Because of their lack of communication and response from TSYS, we’re unable to continue support in RMPro for their services any longer. Therefore, we can no longer suggest the MerchantWare integration in RMPro.

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

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