Tagging and Barcoding

Tag Designer and Tag Printer are built-in modules for RMPro that enable you to quickly design tags and documents without a third-party application or designing skills.
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Problems That We Have The Solutions

Third-party Tag-designing Software

Extra steps are required for syncing company printers with the third-party tag-designing software.

Using RMPro Tag Designer

RMPro tag designer allows you to quickly design tags and documents without a third-party application.

No Applicable Barcode

The product information may be misread from the tag if there is no barcode.

Barcodes provides quick information

Ensure accuracy, security and speed up loading of inventory by many times.

Manual Data Entry

Errors can occur when tag information is manually entered.

Import from DataBase/DataLink

Tag Designer can pull product information from RMPro's existing database or DataLink.


With RMPro, you can use standard printers, label printers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, card readers, signature pads, and cash drawers. Contact the RMPro Support team for more information.
Yes, RMPro has a very detailed and customizable tag designer. You can create numerous tags of various sizes, showing whatever information you wish to show, including item information, company logo, other images, barcode, prices, free text for marketing purposes, and much more.
Yes, you can export tag designs to the most common formats, such as PDF, and QRP using RMPro Tag Designer. You can also attach tag designs to an email draft directly using RMPro Tag Designer.

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Tagging and Barcoding-main-image
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