RMPRO Multi Users

What Happens if You Don’t Define Borders for Employees’ Access? If you don’t define borders for employees’ access to company data, it can result in security risks, compliance violations, productivity loss, and many more problems. Employees with access to sensitive data may accidentally or intentionally misuse or leak that information, leading to security breaches, data loss, or theft. RMPRO multi-user feature, is created to solve the following problems with a new approach.

A Bridge Between Islands!

With the Multi-Location Feature activated, all actions in a location are synced with all other locations. This helps you easily maintain consistency across all of your stores, making it easier to control and understand your business. Find Harmony Across All Databases in Different Locations with Unified Solutions

A Tale of Two Businesses: Those Who Use QuickBooks Integration and Those Who Don’t

Problems that we are the solutions Lack of Standardization Poor prioritization of daily activies leading to uncompleted tasks. Constantly and rapidly changing Book Keepers Mismanagment of new employees and fiduciary duties New procedures on every new change Frustration and confusion leading to poor understanding and implementation of new procedures. double data entry/ Time Consuming Double…

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