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POS System

Flexible Invoicing

With RM Pro, your sales will run smoothly thanks to various supported invoice types, approvals, back-orders, consignments, and more.

Multiple Supported Hardware

RM Pro integrates with a variety of different hardware types to ensure your store operations run smoothly and seamlessly throughout the day.

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Inventory Management

PO and Vendor Management

Everything you need to keep track of Purchase Orders, vendor consignments, returns, and many more are supported in RMPro.

Tag Design and Physical Inventory

Increase brand awareness and communicate the value of your products by designing customized tags that include your own sale details and logo. Plus, ensure accuracy between recorded and actual inventory using RMPro Physical Inventory.

Retail is not easy but we simplified it with our awesome features

eCommerce Integration

With RMPro eCommerce Integration, you will always have updated, real-time inventory data available to customers both in-store and online.

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QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks integration allows you to spend more time focused on the numbers and less time correcting manual errors and duplicate entries.

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RMPro Mobile

With RMPro Mobile, the most common point-of-sale functions are available to use away from your sales floor or right at your customer’s location.

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Employee Management

RMPro comes with the best features for effectively managing employees, from time logs to commission structures and beyond.

customer management
Customer Management

As a vital part of any business, RMPro offers all necessary features for managing relationships with both customers and designers.

service management
Service Management

For companies that do cleaning, repair, or both, RMPro covers a full-service process, including step-by-step tracking of the progress.

RMPro_ Automated Success


SMART Analytics

Whether daily occasionally, you can easily review your sales, expenses, and advertising returns to make more strategic business decisions.

SMART Growth

Layouts are measurable along with attainable goals based on historical sales data. They'll help you develop a roadmap to increase invoice numbers or average invoice amounts.

Streamline your business with automation, save time, stay focused
and work smarter by using the RMPro software

Get a complete perspective on products, promotions, stock levels, and so much more!
Improve team performance based on real-time, visual data & customize reports that your team can put to use.
Manage multiple organizations , franchisers and branches from a central platform
Centralized configuration of all store processes and POS settings
Manage B2C & E-commerce sales order in one platform
View all the information you need for managing in-store sales in one mobile app.

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