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Get Realtime Analytics Done Right! Introducing RMPro SMART Analytics

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To make critical decisions for the future, managers need to consider all the data from the past. RMPro, with all its modules, provides a comprehensive set of data and history about every single action. However, in practice, collecting and storing data has never been enough. The most challenging part is to be able to tell stories with it! You can do this with RMPro’s smart analytics. 

RMPro SMART Analytics is a business intelligence tool, which attempts to provide an at-a-glance analysis of your business, by collecting, storing, and analyzing data from business operations or activities. And assists you in making more informed, and faster decisions. With SMART Analytics find out what happened, and then explore why! 

Ask your questions from your data 

Rather than paying for experts to perform sophisticated analysis, SMART Analytics lets you ask your questions from your own data, and get the most accurate answers. SMART Analytics automatically performs the same level of detailed analysis that the big retailers pay all those CPAs and MBAs to provide. It gives you the ability to see the whole picture with an eagle’s eye and act on it immediately. You get real-time information on everything you need, helping you make decisions in real-time. From spotting market trends to discovering customer behavior patterns, and forecasting future patterns, SMART Analytics can effectively increase your sales or revenue. 

Ready to take your business to the next level? Let’s jump into what SMART Analytics does: 

Boost sales by targeting top-selling areas 

The SMART analytics feature helps you optimize your sales strategy. With its integration with Google Earth, you can identify the most suitable location for your store. Use it to identify the top-selling areas by customer ZIP code as well as unprofitable stores. 

Once you find the right location to market your products or services based on where your customers live and how much they spend, you can create targeted marketing campaigns, promotions, advertising, and more. Also, you can decide to close the less profitable stores to reduce operating costs. 

Discover what products are trending in your store as well as which ones are being ignored. Thus, increase sales by selling more of the trending products, and promoting those that are being ignored. Furthermore, by identifying trends, you can make better product choices when ordering your inventory. 

Also, change your business model to eliminate items that make up less than 5 or 6 % of your revenue. 

Discover customer behavior patterns 

RMPro SMART Analytics is a unique tool that allows you to get a 360-degree view of your customers, providing insights into their behavior and preferences. The system gathers intelligence about customer behavior by looking into consumer preferences, purchasing patterns, location & demographics across all your locations/locations of interest. 

Optimize Your Advertising Spend 

RMPro SMART Analytics also measures advertising ROI and helps you to make informed business decisions. By analyzing your data, it can predict future outcomes, while providing instant insights into your sales and service performance. It enables you to make informed decisions on where to invest your marketing dollars and potentially save major advertising expenses by only advertising in high-value areas, which will help you reap higher profits & grow your business. 

Discover issues and opportunities 

RMPro SMART Analytics provides you with a detailed view of your organization’s performance and allows you to uncover issues and opportunities that you were unaware of. It may help you understand the underlying issues, including their root causes so they can be addressed quickly and effectively. This gives you the information needed to make strategic decisions that will positively impact your organization’s bottom line. 


By utilizing RMPro SMART Analytics, and the information that it provides, you can quickly make SMART decisions that will affect your business in the short term. 

Have you ever wondered how you are doing in your business? Now there’s a way to find out! We’re excited to see what stories you will create with this technology! 

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Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

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