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The Pains of Keeping Up with Business

pains of keeping up with business
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Keeping track of everything that’s going on in your business is a serious challenge, especially when you’re not there to get the information you need. People are constantly dropping the ball because they have no reminders that they need to take action.
Even when you have everything you need in front of you, you still need to figure out where to go to find whatever piece of information you might need.

Disconnected from the Business

When you’re away from the business, you’re disconnected from everything that’s going on. Owners, managers, and any stakeholders in the company need to stay informed on things that are going on, but when you’re flying across the country, chances are you don’t have your business management system in front of you to see everything you need.

Manually Looking for Business Info

If you need to access critical information about your business, you need to know exactly where to go, what to do, and how to do it. When you’re trying to figure out what to expect for today, you may not have a single go-to place with everything in front of you.

Many things go on in the retail or wholesale business. While you’re juggling multiple different things, it’s easy to forget to follow up with your customers, vendors, or even fellow employees.

When an employee doesn’t show up for work, it can cripple your business. If this person is scheduled to go on customer appointments that day, then you either need to allocate another resource in place of their absence or reschedule the appointment.

No Visibility of Unusual Activity

It’s hard to find employees you can trust. Sometimes, you end up with someone doing something malicious behind your back, and how would you ever find out? We’ve seen strange things happen, such as voiding an invoice, re-creating it for $100 less, and pocketing the difference. Or changing the salesperson of an invoice to get paid the commissions. And possibly even changing the shipping address to get something sent to the wrong place. There’s not always a practice in place to catch these events.
Unfortunately, there are thieves out there. One specific example is a company with two stores and a single man entrusted to transfer inventory between those stores.

What We Have to Offer

RMPro sports a robust notification system that automatically sends out emails and text messages to those who need to stay informed. Numerous different event types allow you to deliver customized messages to specific people, either their email or phone, to keep them up to date when certain things happen in RMPro. While most of them are triggered at the moment of action, some are automatically sent at the beginning and end of the day.


  • Lack of a system to remind follow-up – Purchase Order, Back Order, On Approval, Consignment.
  • Lack of information about Services – cleaning, repair
    Appointment – Pickup, Delivery, Customer appointment Reminder.
  • Number of items sent = Number of the item received
  • Employee Clock-In – Change of Schedule, Late Arrival, Clock-In reminder, employee not show, Appointment Reminder.


Business owners and managers receive notifications updating them of sales, payments, returns, etc.
Vendor Shipment reminders sent to Employees, Management to inform of labor requirements
Location Transfer notifications sent to management, alerting of potential employee theft
General activity notifications sent to management to alert of voiding returns to vendors, editing invoices, sent to management.

Automated Emails and Text Messages
When it comes to staying on top of everything going on in the business, especially when you’re not even there, RMPro’s Notification system «pushes» important business information out to you and anyone else who needs to keep up to date – rather than expecting you to «pull» that information. Numerous different «events» across RMPro can trigger a notification to be sent out and customized to your requirements.

Connect Email Provider
Go to the «RMPro Setup» menu to enable notifications and click on «Notifications». If it’s already enabled, you will skip this next screen and instead see the «Notification» tab. Otherwise, if it’s not enabled, you’ll see this «Connection» tab instead, where you can enable and configure everything.
You may choose to enable either Email, SMS, or both types of notifications. In either case, you’ll further need to enter the information RMPro needs to connect and work with your email provider.

You can do many different things around RMPro that trigger a new notification to be sent out. Something as simple as creating a new customer invoice to something more complex such as an employee failing to clock in at the beginning of their shift. There are actually 3 event categories: Global, Customer, and Employee.

Customized Message Templates
Not all people need the same information about the same events. When one thing happens, such as a new sale, one person may need to know a brief summary of that invoice, while another person needs to see specific details about it.

Specific Data Fields
There’s a list of data fields on the far right of the screen that you can include in your customized message. These fields are specific to the particular event type and replace the real information the recipient needs to see.

Filtered by Conditions
You don’t always need to get notified every time something happens. Sometimes, you may want to limit each notification only to get sent if it meets certain criteria. For example, a notification will only be triggered if the invoice amount is at least $1,000.

Dynamic Recipients
Each notification you set up in RMPro is meant to go to particular people. You can either type one or multiple specific email addresses or phone numbers it should be sent to, or in some cases, choose to go to individuals related to the event.

Notification Logs
Every time a notification is sent out, it is recorded in a log which you can refer to later. Some places across RMPro automatically include this log information while viewing historical details – and allow you to see who was supposed to have received any given notification sent out.

Sales Notifications
RMPro’s notifications keep you informed of virtually any sort of sales information you may need to know, whether for general sales information to management or follow-up details to the salespeople who need to close their sales.

Inventory Notifications
You need to keep up to date on when to expect inventory to be shipped and received. Whether it be a new shipment you’re receiving or a transfer that has been processed, you can rest assured you’ll know every bit of inventory movement around the company.

Vendor Notifications
Staying in touch with your vendors is something you likely don’t think of too often.

Employee Notifications
The larger your operation, the more employees you’re likely to deal with. Thankfully, RMPro automates the distribution of employee schedules so that everybody can stay informed of their work hours. Additionally, if someone fails to clock in at their scheduled start time, RMPro will also notify the employee or any management who needs to know to change the plans accordingly.

Customer Notifications
Salespeople need to stay in touch with their customers. To help, RMPro offers a number of automated notifications to exchange necessary information between the two, such as appointment reminders or follow-up on other transactions such as approvals and services.

Security Notifications

Any unusual activity which might indicate security concerns with your employees can be pushed out to any management who may need to know.

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

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