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Must-Know Tips in Retail Management That Save Your Precious Time!

retail management
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Often, retail managers and small business owners are under a lot of pressure and stress because of the nature of the business. That’s why retail managers might become overwhelmed by the many demands that result in the business not carrying on. You can carry all these demands on your own, or you can be proactive and master retail management!

What do you focus on in the beginning?

As we approach the holidays, if you walk into the store and all you can say is how much you’re overworked and don’t have time, well, guess what?
Your holidays will be tough, and you won’t have time. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But when you start each day with a positive attitude and tell yourself that you know what’s most important to achieve today, you’ll find that the day goes by quicker and with less drama. That’s what happens when you use these tips for retail management.

5 Time-Saving Tips in Retail Management

Dump it

Start every week or, ideally, every day by listing every professional and personal task you need to complete in that time frame. I call it a brain dump – you don’t want your mind running through all the tasks you need to get done.

Then start prioritizing the items on your list to focus on for your week, starting with the most important. If you don’t complete them all, at least you’ve got the most important job.

Do the work now

The only reason you’ll be in business tomorrow is if you sell your wares today! So don’t forget to set a daily sales goal each day.

Then give everyone you are working with your own sales goal. Unless you tell your sales team what you expect them to sell, there will be no attention on their part to move your merchandise.

Train it

Aren’t you tired of: “Where does this go?” “How much is this?” “How do I ring it?” If you hear the same question over and over, guess what?

You probably haven’t trained your employees. Make sure the training is on your weekly list with specific items or procedures until you get your entire staff up to speed.

Plan for

Email, Facebook updates – it can steal your time away from selling your wares. Dedicate a certain time each day to check-in and respond – then stick to it. If you want to check social media early – do it on breaks.

Review it

Make sure you take the time to praise your employees because those who feel valued will take on more responsibility, opt-in to new training, and reduce the manager’s burden. Even if they’re on commission, your employees will still want to hear you say, “You did a great job, and I thank you for that.”


Gaining control over your time requires changing your perspective on who is in control – you or the “outsider.” This can be uncomfortable.
But let’s say you can religiously practice these five retail management tips for a couple of weeks.

In that case, you’ll find that you won’t be putting out a fire every day but can get up in the blimp and watch the entire operation—and guide its profitability—with less stress.

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

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