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Stay Ahead of the Curve: Our Service Management Solution is the Future of Business

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Don’t Settle for Minimal: How Service Management Solutions Help You Get More Out of Your Data

The pains of owning a business are infinite. Each day you would encounter a new problem and if you are lucky, you will find multiple solutions. All have to be tested and tried to see if one of them might work. You don’t have to do that! There are people who already went down your path and made it clear and flat. The Service Management is meant for keeping track of the customer Service progress. It is not mandatory to use but it is the only way to keep track of Customer Service progress. It is a separate application (installed with RMPro) and this is the module where the workers login and update the current status of their work. Helping business owners dealing with the pains of tracking their products.

Your Anchor for Smooth Sailing Through Business Challenges

Say Goodbye to Manual Tagging: How Service Management Solutions Collect Comprehensive Data for Each Item

The Service module enables the breakdown of each service into smaller operations, which can be started, paused, redone, or completed. The status of each service and operation is clearly displayed on the item service screen. A service is marked as “Completed” only when all operations are completed, otherwise, if any operation is started, the service status remains “In Process”. The same applies to individual items that require multiple services. An item is marked as completed only when all the services it requires have been completed.

From Trend-Tracking to Invoice Management: Our Service Management Solution Does It All

Put Your Data to Work: How Service Management Solutions Use Analytics to Improve Your Service Performance

The Invoice or Work order can have different flags like “Pick up”, “Walk In” or “On Site” based on how the service is to be performed. When the flag is set to “Pick up”, the Invoice will only be marked as completed after the item has been returned to the customer. This helps to avoid forgetting to deliver the item back. If the item is to be shipped, the Shipping module can be used instead of the delivery option.

I am Asking You to Find the Problem, Detective.

Imagine you get you are selling your rug to a customer. You have to add everything manually in the system you are using (if there is any) and the customer brings it back for washing. You take the rug and give an estimation about when the rug will be ready. When the process is delayed, the customer calls you, you tell your employee, your employee calls the third party, and they call their employee, and call you back to say there was a problem with the person in charge of your carpet. He could not show up today and that is the reason for late delivery.

How Service Management Solutions Streamline Your Workflow

In the previous process, everything was fragmented, disjointed and complex. Every task is done manually, knowledge-based, personal and most of the times, it is not repeatable. In service management section of RMPRO software, there is a worksheet. This worksheet automates every step of the process to the last detail. Solving the following problems for business owners:

  • back orders, 
  • order status, 
  • tedious product data entry, 
  • different pieces of related information found in different places, 
  • entering information on vendor purchase orders and customer back orders separately, 
  • no visibility of in-stock inventory to fulfill an order, accounting unable to handle long-term sales agreements, 
  • excessive purchase orders to the same vendor, 
  • no high-quality images of exactly what customer wants, 
  • dissatisfied customers when they receive a product different than what they ordered, 

and many more pains.

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

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