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Quotations in RMPro

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  • Lack of system to pull fragmented parts of item information to produce quotations, spec sheets, and tags
    • Fragmented and disjointed
    • Any product information and images had to be manually pulled together into another software such as Microsoft Word
    • Requires someone with tech and software knowledge / graphic designer
  • Long winded process
    • Find item and open it to the image
    • Open the image in whatever software
    • Resize the image
    • Save AS image on local computer
    • Close and repeat for each item
    • Start new email to client
    • Manually write product information
    • Manually attach images
  • Very slow time consuming and tedious process prone for mistakes
  • No saved and central record of quotations
    • Agreed price not visible
    • No association with customer
    • Not searchable by anybody in the company
    • Not trackable
  • No clean and presentable way to show product information to customers


  • Customizable template to present product information to your desire
  • Automated production of documents to be emailed to or printed for your customers
  • Numerous places across RMPro where spec sheets can be created instantly

High-ticket retail requires professional communication with your clients. When you are providing information to them about your products, you want it to be as clean and presentable as possible. RMPro provides you a variety of ways to convey this product information to your clients.

Traditionally, RMPro’s “Print Images” function was made as a very basic and plain report with very little options. It allowed you to produce a printout of item information along with their images. This report however was by far not presentable to clients who were ready to invest thousands of dollars on a product.

Here’s a sample of the old “Print Images” report:

To alleviate this report’s limitations, we introduced a brand new customizable alternative called Item Spec Sheets. You can now design your own item spec sheets using RMPro’s Tag and Document Designer, and can customize it however you see fit. You can also create multiple different templates for different purposes, just like standard inventory tags. From the Tag and Document Designer, you can either create a new template of your own, or edit one of the templates we distribute with RMPro.

Here is a sample of editing an item spec sheet:

Any place in RMPro which has the old option to print images using the old report now offers you to choose the new item spec sheet instead. For example, from the Inventory Inquiry search results:

When you choose this option, it will show you a preview of the Item Spec Sheets, rather than the old report. You can further select the specific template from the top, just like standard tags, and choose to print and/or email it.

You can access both the old “Print Images” and the new “Item Spec Sheet” from a variety of places, depending on your goal. Here’s a list of the various different places to make use of it:

  • Inventory Inquiry Search Results
  • “Images” button on bottom
  • Inventory List
    • “Print Images” button on bottom
  • Customer Quotation List
    • “Print” button on bottom – “Item Images” submenu
  • Customer Quotation Detail
    • “Images” button on bottom
  • Customer Invoice List
    • “Print” button on bottom – “Print Images” submenu
  • Customer Invoice Detail
    • “Print” button on bottom – “Images” button on bottom
  • Emailing Customer Invoice
    • Customer Invoice List – “Email” button on bottom
    • Customer Invoice Detail – “Print” button on bottom – “Email Invoice and Images” submenu
  • Emailing Customer Quotation
    • Customer Quotation Detail – “Email” button on bottom
    • Customer Quotation List – “Email” button on bottom
  • Point-of-Sale Customer Invoices – Popup Menu
    • Print Images Submenu
    • Email Quote and Images Submenu, if it’s a quote
    • Email Invoice and Images Submenu, if it’s not a quote

New Quotations

Quotations integrated with Item Spec Sheets to automate the process of sending product details to your customers


P1 Sending quotations to customers requires further manual steps to send presentable item information




B1 Automatically produce item spec sheets when emailing quotations to customers



We’ve enhanced the way that you present quotations to your potential clients! Now, when you create a quotation, you can print and also email a document showing complete item information, along with images. Each page describes a different item you’re quoting to the customer. This integrates your choice of either the original “Print Images” report, or the new “Item Spec Sheets” allowing you to design your own custom template in the tag designer.

  • Quickly email quotations with complete item details and images
  • Design your own item spec sheets however you want it to look
  • Present a professional document to your clients

Previously, when you choose to email a quotation to a client, it attached the PDF quotation document, and all the different item images to that email. The recipient then had to open each image one by one from their email and try to match that picture up with the corresponding item on the quotation.

However now, when you choose to email a quote, there’s a new option to use the Item Spec Sheet to put all item information and images in a single document, rather than separate attachments for each image.

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

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