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Custom Orders in RMPro

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Losing track of custom order documents? Tired of fragmented organization? Now you can keep everything in RMPro, not scattered all over, using the Custom Order module. Enter specific product attributes, track changes along the way, store virtually any type of files with the item, produce sample pieces for your customer to try, and more.

The Custom Order module allows you to put together the specifications of multiple custom items in a single place that can be shared across your company. In its initial stages, every field is optional, as you may not know everything your customer wants yet. This is a process of negotiation, investigation, measuring, comparing color swatches, and going back and forth until you finally request the final piece from your vendor. 

Before you get started using custom orders, head over to the POS Setup to configure how the module works for you. There’s a number of settings which control the workflow of custom orders.

Custom Item Details

Just like other places in RMPro, you can enter specific attributes such as content, shape, background color, size, etc. In addition, you also have a place to put Project and Room, which is saved per custom order invoice. All these item properties are completely optional when you’re in the creating stage of the custom order – only once you’re ready to convert it to a back order or purchase order will it require size and cost. Any price you put can also be collected from your customer as a deposit. 

Attach Documents

Pretty much any type of file can be attached to each custom order item. For example, you may have an HD image of the original piece to base the design off of, another file describing the customized colors to be used, and another file mapping the colors to the areas on the image. Or perhaps you have a rug design software which saves into its own file type. Whatever the case may be, you can save these files inside RMPro and open them from any other RMPro computer.

Track Changes

An “Archive” option is available which lets you save a snapshot of a custom item at any time, so you can make any changes and look back later to see the changes which were made. This is especially helpful to alleviate any sort of disputes which might arise. 

Produce Samples

You might have multiple different vendors who could manufacture the same item. RMPro lets you record multiple different sample on an item, and assign the sample to a vendor. That vendor would then manufacture a sample piece and ship it to you, and your customer can compare the different samples and decide which one to turn into the full piece. Further, you can print a report from a sample and send it to that vendor directly, which contains the item’s details and any documents you’d like to attach to the email.

Commit Order

Once your customer’s satisfied with the order details, a custom order item can be converted to a back order, and even generate a new purchase order at the same time. The rest of the tracking process then works the same as any other back order – you submit the PO to the vendor, receive the inventory, and mark it as sold to the customer.

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

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