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Guard Against Unauthorized Access with Advanced Multi-Level Security

What Happens if You Don’t Define Borders for Employees’ Access? If you don’t define borders for employees’ access to company data, it can result in security risks, compliance violations, productivity loss, and many more problems. Employees with access to sensitive data may accidentally or intentionally misuse or leak that information, leading to security breaches, data loss, or theft. RMPRO multi-user feature, is created to solve the following problems with a new approach.

Having a Fortress for Your Data, Always Secure

Enhanced Security with Comprehensive Access Rights and User Privileges

RM Pro’s multi-user feature is a unique feature that allows you to control employee access to sensitive data. This can be done by defining user privileges, which are the rights that each user has to perform a certain task. For example, if you only want one person in your office to have access to your company’s financial reports, then RM Pro will allow this person only access those reports and nothing else on their computer. The other employees will not be able to view those particular files unless they receive permission from their supervisor or manager first.

An Eagle-Eye on Your Business by Recording Actions

To ensure your privacy, all activity on our site is logged in our records. When you’re signed in, all your activity under this account will be recorded with your name. All transactions will be recorded, along with details such as who and when the transaction took place. If you experience any issues, then we will be happy to help you. We can even reset your password to help you log back in. This results in complete control over your data and security!

What Problems Does This Feature Solve?

Users Will Have Access to Critical Data of Your Company

The employees of your company will be able to access sensitive information of your company, which will raise the risk of theft, malicious activities, and unauthorized access to sensitive information by your employees.

Inability to Track Transactions and Modifications

Having the inability to track transactions and modifications can be a big problem for employers who want to know what is going on with their employees or identify the person who did something malicious as part of their job duties.

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

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