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Find Harmony Across All Databases in Different Locations with Unified Solutions

With the Multi-Location Feature activated, all actions in a location are synced with all other locations. This helps you easily maintain consistency across all of your stores, making it easier to control and understand your business.

Find Harmony Across All Databases in Different Locations with Unified Solutions

The main benefit of using multi-location is that it allows you to have all your locations standardized in one central database. This means that when there’s an update at one location, it will automatically be updated at every other location. This helps save time and money on trying to keep everything updated manually.

This also means that if any changes are made at one location they will automatically be reflected at every other location. So not only do you get more efficient management but also better consistency across your business as well!

A Symphony that Blends Multiple Locations into One Stunning Melody!

Put Time Back in Your Day with Unified Multi-Location Solutions

Multi-location performance reporting capabilities to compare each store’s sales results with other stores in the same network. This will help you identify the best-performing location and areas for improvement. A convenient way to manage multiple locations from one account makes it easier to monitor, report, analyze, and track the performance of all your stores in one place. Easily view reports on each store’s performance, including average ticket size, total sales volume, and the number of transactions.

A Railway Track, Joins Distant Locations Together

Compare Store Sales with Comprehensive Multi-location Unified Reporting

When creating a new location, you will see which inventory items are located at that location. This makes it very easy to see what inventory items are available at each location without going into each store separately.

Each item has an “available” column where you can check off the items that are currently in stock at that location. This way if you need more Inventory at one of your stores, it will show up as unavailable on all other locations until they receive a shipment of that item again (or if they order more). You can also track transactions per location so you know exactly how much money was spent at each store during a particular period of time (weekend sales, seasonal sales etc.).

An Overarching Umbrella, A Cover for Multiple Locations!

Integrated Reporting – The Key to Comparing Multi-location Performance

Once you’ve added your initial data in the list, you simply add another location, product, vendors and connect to it. You can also use this feature for disaster recovery purposes, where there are two locations with two separate servers but with identical data sets. In this case, you’ll want one server running at each location so that if one fails, the other can take over immediately; this way there’s no downtime for your users.

What Does the Multi-Location Feature Do in RMPRO?

The multi-location functionality is a great addition to rug management. All stores or locations are standardized in a central database for all locations to share, multi-location performance reporting capabilities to compare each store’s sales, very strict transactions per location, inventory’s current location is part of its current status, simply add a new location to RMPro and internet access (VPN) to be able to connect to it. Multi-Location is a feature of RMPRO that allows you to manage all your locations from one central database. You can use this feature for all types of businesses — retail shops, restaurants, hotels and more.

What Problems Does This Feature Solve?

Separate channels for tracking data

Having multiple locations can cause you a headache. Each store or location has its own separate systems for tracking inventory, sales, accounting, etc. Your company’s growth might be amazing, but the issue is that you don’t have a reliable way to track your data. You might have reports from each location, but they’re fragmented and disjointed, and it can be difficult to get a complete picture of your business.

Changing the location of the Inventory

This is a big problem when you have multiple locations. Your inventory is moving between locations, but the arm’s length supply is not updating records to reflect this movement. When businesses have multiple locations, tracking inventory moving between them all can be difficult. You may need to account for these items in multiple locations, but the problem is that they’re not actually physically in their final location yet.

Difficulties of setting up a new system for a new location

As a business owner, you have to think about setting up and running a new location. The new one would require its own system, since all the information stored in each location has to be synced with all the other ones. The monthly costs associated with running these systems are high, which is something that we wanted to reduce with our cloud solution.

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

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