SKU vs Unique Item Numbers

RMPro tracks both SKU and UNI for inventory, allowing for seamless integration of physical and virtual products. Every item is assigned a unique number, facilitating tracking and performance analysis.

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Inventory Tracking Methods

It is very difficult to integrate Unique Numeric Identification (UNI) system into a SKU-driven database.

Integrated UNI and SKU system

RMPro integrates both identification methods and tracks both SKU and UNI for each item.

Lack of Tracking System

Rugs may be delivered to customers, returned, and then sent to another customer, so you need to track them.

Tracking Item History

With integrated inventory system, you can track individual items and their history, similar to a serial number.

Item and SKU Code Tracking

It may become necessary to track dynamic and extensive inventory in a precise manner for various reasons.

Inventory Performance Analysis

It allows not only for precise inventory tracking, but also for complete inventory performance analysis.


An item represents an actual stock piece of inventory, while a SKU is a placeholder for product information and can be shared with multiple identical items.
No, SKU codes should only be used for program products and never for one-of-a-kind products.
SKU codes are typically provided by the vendor and include information such as Collection, Design, Shape, Size, and SKU.

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