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RMPro’s Open-to-Buy tool analyzes in-stock inventory, sales, gross profit, and aging to determine the best-selling products and which ones to purchase from vendors, helping businesses make informed stocking decisions.

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Identifying Fast-Sellers

Identifying fast-moving and best-selling items before restocking inventory is helpful for businesses.

Open-to-Buy Stock Analysis

Find best and slow sellers with Open-to-Buy and make informed stocking decisions based on its analysis.

Unrealistic Comparisons

Comparisons based on items' in-stock time are not realistic since different factors influence item popularity.

Points Representing Item Popularity

Using the history of your store, Open-to-Buy produces a final point, representing the average ability to sell.

Entering in Purchase Orders

The best sellers need to be recorded in a purchase order after they have been identified.

Direct Purchase Order Creation

After analyzing the information, you can select the items and place an order immediately.

Uneconomical Purchases

You may miss cost-saving opportunities by buying slow-selling stock constantly.

Excluding Slow-sellers

Optimize your inventory levels, reduce stockouts and overstocking, and improve cash flow.


There are many tools available for RMPro which can improve your business. This includes things like Analysis Reports, Dashboard, Open-to-Buy, SMART Growth, SMART Analytics, and much more.
Open-to-Buy is an analytical tool that can significantly improve business by identifying fast and best-selling inventory items. By using the data of inventory still in-stock, sold in a specific period, and its gross profit and aging, this tool provides a realistic view of what products are most profitable and should be restocked.
Yes. This tool is used for both program and one-of-a-kind inventory.

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