Location Transfers

For multi-location or eCommerce versions, RMPro provides a location transfer solution that allows inventory items to be moved from one location to another with transparency, accountability, fraud protection, and many other features.

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Problems That We Have The Solutions

Lack of Transfer Management

Difficulty tracking items moved between branches causes operational pain.

Streamlined Location Transfer

Track inventory transfers between locations efficiently and effectively with RMPro's streamlined solution.

Risk of Inventory Loss

The lack of control over the process of sending and receiving items may result in inventory loss in transit.

Split Send and Receive

Enhance control over inventory transfers by splitting them into two steps – send and receive.

Possibility of Malicious Activities

Fraudulent transfers by employees are one of the main concerns for businesses during times of transition

Anti-Fraud Notification System

Ensure your items are transferred without issues with our Notification system that notifies all parties involved.

Cross-Location Transactions

Adding inventory from another location to a sale invoice or return document was impossible previously.

Transfer Request

Effortlessly close sales and returns regardless of inventory location with the Transfer Request feature.


Yes, you can. RMPro is scalable, so you can use it to manage inventory at hundreds of stores. Every item in your inventory is set to be at a particular location, and when you physically move items from one location to another, you can create a corresponding Transfer in RMPro to reflect this movement. Not only that, but RMPro audits this transfer so that you can make sure everything that was sent, is physically received (and not stolen by an employee). RMPro also allows Sales and Returns between locations and automatically prepares a Transfer request for these items if you choose to configure it to do so.
RMPro’s notification system sends notifications to pre-defined parties for both the transfer to the location and the receiving of the transfer, ensuring that all parties involved are aware of the progress of the transfer. Additionally, there is an option to set up a notification if the transfer is only partially received.
Yes, you can backdate or postdate a transfer document. RMPro poses no restriction regarding the transfer date.

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