Consigned Purchases

With RMPro’s Purchase Consigned platform, manage and track consigned inventory easily. With this feature, you can manage your consigned inventory, make payments, and even return them through an easy and risk-free process.

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Problems That We Have The Solutions

Financial Risk

You need to allocate huge funds to purchase items that may not be sold.

Optional Budgeting

With consigned purchases retailers can diversify their sale offers without investing in them.

Lack of Liquidity

A business cannot be managed effectively when cash outflow exceeds cash inflow.

Growing Cash Reserves

The consignment platforms allow you to grow your cash reserves without paying for the items.

Lost Payment Due

Leaving a vendor unpaid when consigned items sell can strain your reputation.

RMPro Alert System

In RMPro, you are notified when you have sold a consigned item and need to pay the vendor.


Yes, when creating a Purchase Order in RMPro, you can mark certain items as Consigned so that RMPro knows these items don’t actually belong to you, yet – and will also warn you if these items are sold (in which case you need to pay your Vendor). A special module is available in RMPro to be able to “purchase consigned items” which essentially instructs RMPro that these items are no longer consigned but now purchased from your Vendor. Several other tools and reports help keep your purchased inventory separate from your consigned inventory, so you know what you own and what you don’t.
Yes, the software provides a grid of all consigned items that have been sold and are ready for purchase. You can also see items that haven’t sold yet.
Yes, RMPro provides various reports to help you keep track of your consigned inventory. These reports include Vendor Consigned Items, Vendor Consignments to Purchase, and Purchased Consigned Items under the Vendor Reports category.

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