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RMPro’s shared Company Calendar streamlines workdays and enables efficient teamwork! As an integral part of the RMPro suite, our allows for seamless collaboration among all employees

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Problems That We Have The Solutions

Manual Calendar Creation

Manual calendar updates hinder tracking recent activities and following up on events

Automated Events

Manage service dates, schedules, and daily performance summaries efficiently with automated Calendar events

Separate Calendars for Employees

Each employee uses his own calendar and his own way of recording events

Auto Synchronized Calendar

Keep track of changes and staff activities efficiently by synching company activities with the central calendar

Personal Calendar Disconnection

The lack of integration between employee calendars and RMPro would result in information being dispersed

Unified Time Management

Integrate schedules and events of all RMPro users for seamless sharing and unified time management


Yes, you can create a reminder for a specific event in the Notification module and set up the Calendar to refresh automatically. By specifying a refresh time, such as 3 minutes, the Calendar will update itself every 3 minutes to display any recent changes to events.
Yes, the Company Calendar in RMPro is integrated with all other modules. It automatically adds events from daily business activities such as expected purchase orders, expired quotes, and expected shipping, ensuring that no deadline is forgotten and no appointment is missed. This integration allows everyone in the company to see what events are going on on a particular day, providing better coordination and follow-up among team members.
RMPro Company Calendar supports a variety of event types, including appointments, quote expiration reminders, expected approvals, expected services, consigned invoices, expected purchase orders, sales events, shipping, scheduled employees, follow-up calls, and company events. These events are automatically added to the Calendar when corresponding actions are taken in other RMPro modules. However, users can also manually add events to the Calendar for any activity, such as meetings, vacations, or seminars.

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