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Tagging and Barcoding

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Tag Designing and Printing Software Integrated to RMPro

See how RMPro Tag Designer and Tag Printer modules can help you:

  • See how RMPro Tag Designer and Tag Printer modules can help you:
  • Print tags and labels using a variety of professionally designed standard templates 
  • Personalize available templates for a jump-start on making your own customized tags
  • Pull information from RMPro’s existing database
  • pull real-time product information and images from different vendor collections
  • Mask Vendor, Category, Design, and SKU information on tags  
  • Easily import text, images, or barcodes into your tags 
  • Ensure accurate input of inventory in transactions and speed up loading of inventory by many times using barcode scanners

Custom Tag Designer & Tag Printer

Tag Designer and Tag Printer are built-in modules for RMPro that enable you to quickly design tags and documents without a need for a third-party application or any designing skills. Create a variety of tags, in different sizes, showing the information that you wish to display, such as item information, company logo, barcode, and many other details. Once the design is finished use your standard label printer to get them ready for your showroom. Take advantage of the smooth and convenient running of tag design and printing processes.

Customized Designs

Create your own custom tags using RMPro Tag Designer’s templates and tools. A variety of different types of tags and documents are supported within RMPro, each serving a different purpose, from item and SKU-identification tags to Service tags, to appraisal certificates, etc.

Although multiple predefined templates are available for each of these tag and document types, RMPro Tag Designer gives you unlimited customization choices. Change the shape, size, format, background, special effects, text, layout, and more. These editable templates empower you to create customized tags including many different elements and properties, such as a barcode, logo, prices, images, etc.

Not only that! You can get up and running in a matter of minutes with the step-by-step wizard.

Seamless Integration with RMPro modules

Directly connect to the existing database and inventory systems without any import or export. Utilize a powerful tag printing module that is connected to your POS and RMPro Back Office, as well as other modules to ensure accurate data loading without the need for manual entry. Additionally, RMPro allows you to load images onto your tags, either from a database of product images or from files, such as logos. The result is a much smoother, and more consistent process for designing and printing tags and documents can be printed from many different places across RMPro.

Make your tag printing module more powerful by adding RMPro DataLink, allowing you to pull real-time product information and images from different vendor collections.

Through DataLink Integration, you will be able to obtain information about a full variety of colors, shapes, and sizes for a single design that may not be available in your store. This information is mainly used for SKU Collection and Item Collection tags.

Additionally, get notified of any price mismatches between DataLink and RMPro when loading information, and either changes the prices in RMPro or hide the price mismatch.

Rebranding, and Hiding Adjustments

Make use of “before print” adjustments such as hiding all or additional prices, price adjustments, formatting, rounding, etc., or, use these adjustments to automatically mask values of Vendor, Category, Design Code, and even SKU on the tag as required, while no change is required in the system.

These temporary tag settings during the printing process enable you to override the general setup only for the current task without any serious changes to the general setup.

Printing and Exporting

RMPro supports exporting tag designs to the most common formats, such as PDF, as well as Quick Report. They can also be attached to an email draft directly. 

Moreover, RMPro is compatible with any tag printer on the market and capable to print without using intermediate software. Print hundreds of tags at once in a few seconds by choosing only the tag type and data source.

Barcode Scanning

Each tag you print for your inventory can include a unique barcode to be used by a barcode scanner. Anywhere in RMPro that items can be entered, you can enter them using a scanner. This includes creating an invoice, a return, receiving purchased inventory, transferring between locations, or just looking up items in the list.

RMPro supports both direct input scanners (every scan immediately passes into RMPro) and memory scanners (every scan is saved inside the scanner until all are located in RMPro). Direct input is useful when you’re doing real-time transactions, whereas memory scanners are useful when you’re doing a physical inventory, or just collecting information about a group of items.

Scanning a barcode guarantees accuracy and protects you from mistakes during Sale, Shipping, Return to Vendor, and any other event when an item number needs to be looked up in the system.

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

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