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Salesperson Commissions

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RMPro offers a new commissions system which allows a much more comprehensive setup and flexible calculations. 

The abilities of the commissions include – but are certainly not limited to – specifying what the status of an invoice should be to consider it for commissions, adding the total company sales and dividing it between salespeople, ignoring commissions if a total GP threshold is not met, and specifying ranges of amounts per salesperson with a given commission amount for each range listed.

Commission Calculation by Invoice Status

Consider commissions at your choice of when the invoice is created, the time the invoice was finalized, or at the time payment has been received. The RMPro Commissions system allows you to specify the stage at which you want to calculate commissions, whether it’s when an invoice is created, when an item is set as sold, or when payment is received from the customer. By taking invoice status into account, you can ensure that your sales team is compensated fairly for their efforts. Our system also allows for the exclusion of certain invoices from commission calculations, giving you complete control over the commission process. 

Dividing Total Company Sales/ Base commissions on total company sales or profit

RMPro offers two options for calculating commissions based on sales – salesperson sales or total company sales divided by all salespeople. By basing commissions on salesperson sales, you can ensure that each team member is fairly compensated for their individual efforts. On the other hand, dividing total company sales among all salespeople encourages teamwork and motivates the entire team to work towards a common goal. Our commission calculation system provides the flexibility to choose the best option for your business, ensuring your sales team is rewarded for their hard work and contribution to the company’s success. 

Custom Commission Ranges for Salespeople

RMPro offers the flexibility to define custom commission ranges for each salesperson. With our commission calculation system, you can set specific sales ranges and assign commission percentages for each range, ensuring that your sales team is rewarded fairly for their contribution. You can choose to calculate commissions at the end of the commission period by totaling store sales, or you can calculate commission right after each individual item is sold. The choice is yours! 

Condition-based Commission Application

Set specific conditions that must be met before a salesperson can receive their commission. For instance, you can set a minimum profit or gross profit threshold, and only calculate commissions if sales meet or exceed these thresholds. You can even define a minimum commission amount to be paid to salespeople if the GP threshold is not achieved. This helps you to remove certain invoices from being included in commission calculations and ensures that your sales team is motivated to reach their targets and are rewarded accordingly. 

Custom Rates for Sales/Profit Ranges

Define different commission rates for different ranges of sales, ensuring that you pay the appropriate commission to your salespeople for their efforts. This means that you can pay higher commissions for larger sales, or offer incentives for your sales team to meet specific sales targets. 

Designer Commissions Included in Calculation.

If a designer is involved in the invoice, adjust commissions accordingly. With this feature, you can ensure that your designers are properly compensated for their contributions, while also ensuring that your sales team is fairly rewarded for their efforts.

Split commissions

Upon making any invoice, you have the ability to split the commissions between multiple salespeople. Suppose two salespeople help a single customer, but one of them is a little more than the other. It is possible to tell RMPro to give 30% to one salesperson and 70% to the other (all must total 100%). When commissions are calculated, this invoice will be applied to each salesperson’s commissions, but only to the percentage specified when it was split.

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

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