Customer Management Feature

RMPro's Customer Management features offer a unified and easily accessible system that makes acquiring and managing customer data a breeze

Customer Appointments

Keep everything in one place by scheduling your customer appointments directly within RMPro! Integrated together, an appointment tracks the address, scheduled date/time, items to deliver or pick up, employees to attend, and a shortcut to get driving directions.

Customer Appt Manager

If you have many customer appointments within a given day, RMPro’s Appointment Manager helps you organize your appointments and schedule drivers to attend multiple appointments in one single trip, eliminating unnecessary driving time and gas money.

Designer Commissions

Interior designers are very common in the industry. RMPro supports associating designers with their clients, further allowing you to keep track of commissions to pay to these designers. Either you invoice the customer and attach the designer, or you can invoice the designer and attach the customer.

Customer Pick-Ups

In larger operations with many customer transactions, you may need to keep a close track of whether customers’ items have been collected or not. RMPro’s pick-up feature lets you present a document to be signed upon pick-up so you have digital records of inventory going out the door.

Customer Call Logs

A great majority of retail consists of communicating with your customers. RMPro’s call logs allow you to keep a close track of incoming and outgoing correspondence, with the option of marking calls for follow-up – ultimately preventing you and your employees from dropping the ball.