Reporting & Analytics Features

Unleash the power of your data to transform the way you work, enhance the customer experience, and grow your business with RMPro great Reports & Analytics

100+ Standard Reports

RMPro sports a very robust reporting module, offering over 100 reports, each of which can be customized in almost endless way. From basic sales reports to deep analytical reports, there’s practically an infinite number of reports you could possibly run in RMPro to look at your business from different angles.


Everything you need to know at one glance and a click away? The main screen of RMPro has numerous sections showing you a snapshot of your business. All of these sections allow you to double-click to either run the related report or the appropriate module to take action.

SMART Growth

There’s only two ways to grow your business: Increase the number of invoices, or increase the average amount per invoice – and if you’re really good, increase both. RMPro’s SMART Growth module allows you to set your goals for growth, monitor how close you are, and offer incentive payout to all your employees.

SMART Analytics

When the standard reports aren’t enough, RMPro’s SMART Analytics module gives you a powerful drill-down report into sales trends, integrating various services such as weather and Google Earth, to have a deep understanding of why and how things occur in your business.