Inventory Management Features

Advanced Inventory Management for fast growing retailers, wholesalers & brands 

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Purchase Orders

In the real world, every piece of inventory you have comes from somewhere. Rather than allowing you to blindly add inventory, RMPro takes you through step-by-step processes to keep track of the order, expected date, and delivery / receiving.
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Tagging & Barcoding

RMPro sports a very flexible designer to customize your inventory tags and other sorts of documents. Inventory tags can have barcodes, and many places across RMPro which allows entering an item number can alternatively collect items using a barcode scanner.
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Product Images

Any item in RMPro can have multiple product images assigned to it. We provide a series of tools to help manage your product images, including bulk importing as well as an image editor – empowering you to load images all the way from raw photography – using only RMPro and no third-party tools such as Photoshop.
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Vendor Management

Every vendor which you acquire inventory from has a vendor account in RMPro – which further allows you to keep track of vendor invoices, payments, and returns to the vendors. Many reports also provide you data such as best vendors.
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Flooring Projects

Coming soon: Whether it be broadloom, tile, or hardwood, RMPro encapsulates the process of a flooring project – from measurement to product selection, ordering, delivery, and installation – whether by an employee or a third-party contractor.
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Consigned purchases

Purchasing inventory is one thing – but that may not always be the case. Sometimes, your inventory is consigned to you from your vendor. RMPro acknowledges this, separating consignments from purchases, and has a Purchase Consigned module to streamline the process of converting consigned to purchased.

Location Transfers

If you have multiple different locations, even if it’s just a warehouse, you need to keep track of which location an item is in. RMPro provides inventory transfers between locations, with extra tools such as tracking sent vs. received, assisting you in eliminating employee theft while in-transport.

Physical Inventory

When it comes time to reconcile your in-stock inventory with what RMPro says you should have in-stock, our Physical Inventory module helps streamline this process, providing you detailed exceptions – whether you’re missing any inventory, have inventory you’re not supposed to have, or if an item is in the wrong location.


Showrooming can be a real problem – when a customer takes the information of a product and goes and finds it somewhere else for cheaper. RMPro’s rebranding functions allow you to mask and disguise this information so your products cannot be found anywhere else. 
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Shipping & Delivery

Integrated with numerous different transaction types, you can keep track of shipments and deliveries of inventory. Whether it be shipping an order to a customer, or returning items to a vendor, you can record the tracking numbers, status, shipping company, etc.
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We’ve made it simple to not only identify your best-selling inventory, but to also automatically create purchase orders for what you know is profitable. Both in-stock and sold inventory are accounted for, along with their average age and profit, giving you an overall points scale for how likely you are to profit from such inventory again.