Users & Security Features

Protect your users & Reputation with RMPro

Groups & Privileges

You want a sense of control and security when it comes to your sensitive business data. That’s why RMPro provides a very extensive set of privileges you can configure for each user. Additionally, you can preconfigure user groups with default privileges.

Salesperson Commissions

Every company has their own way of paying out commissions. That’s why we made our commissions module very flexible, covering as many angles as we could. Commissions are configured on a company level and a salesperson level, and can be calculated for any given period of time.

Employee Scheduling

Scheduling your employees’ work time is fully integrated into RMPro! Not only do you schedule their work hours, but scheduled employees can also be used elsewhere in the system, such as customer appointments and the company calendar.

Time & Attendance

Ditch the time cards! In addition to employee scheduling, RMPro’s Time and Attendance module is where your employees clock in and out to record their work time. On top of that, it keeps track of whether employees are with a customer, on appointment, as well as time off requests.

Salesperson Queue

A major part of the Time and Attendance in RMPro is the Salesperson Queue. This follows the first-in-first-out practices to ensure every salesperson has their fair chance at working with customers.