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7 Payment Issues to Solve With RMPro’s Latest All-In-One Solution

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Payment is a vital part of any business, especially eCommerce. To help customers break their in-person shopping habits and embrace the convenience of online shopping, the payment should be as securesimple, and smart as possible.

RMPro profoundly acknowledges that matter as it’s been in the eCommerce industry for a long time. We have thoroughly inspected the distance shopping process and taken detailed feedback to get a comprehensive insight into the potentials for improvement.

RMPro has designers a new innovative solution to fuel your business growth by taking the payment section of your business to the next level. By adding this feature, you’ll stay one step ahead of the competition with better functioning payment.

1. Sharing is Blurring!

In the realm of tech, especially online banking, privacy is the Achilles heel. Your money isn’t in the physical shape of banknotes anymore; all you have is your credit card’s info.

So if somebody else also knows your credit card’s password, they can simply break into your account and steal money. That’s why everyone should always treat credit card information like their brush and never share it with anyone else.

RMPro profoundly acknowledges this matter and ideally solves it with an innovative solution.

We’ve made distance selling safer and simpler than ever! You don’t have to ask your customers to share their credit card info anymore. Instead, RMPro sends a private and secured payment link to their email address, and they complete the payment on their own. Then, it submits the receipt automatically to the RMPro databank.

2. Approval Code Is History!

Approval Code might seem necessary to authenticate the card’s owner, but it’s complicated, time-consuming, and sometimes frustrating when the customer and salesperson have poor digital skills.
RMPro’s advanced solution makes the approval process simpler and safer without waiting for the banking system’s PIN.
Now RMPro takes the wheel and manages the approval process in no time, so you won’t have to lift a finger anymore!

3. Payments Are Completed Right Away!

The faster, the better; that’s the core feature of RMPro’s latest feature. You won’t have to spend hours in the bank to cash the customers’ cheques or keep contacting them to complete the payment process.
Now RM Pro makes the payment in an eye blink by transferring the money to your account in no time. And you can manage your finances much better than before.

4. Contactless, Safe and Efficient!

Our lives have significantly changed after the Covid-19 pandemic, and that also applies to the shopping culture. With contactless protocols, even in-person shopping fans have broken their habit and embraced online shopping. Now the customers prefer to stay at home and deliver the product at their front door. As a business, you should provide a safe, smooth, and user-friendly payment process for the customers that won’t encounter you face-to-face but still expect good service.

RMPro’s new contactless payment method keeps you and your business safe by making online shopping easier to trust and manage.

5. With Global Accessibility, Only the Sky’s the Limit!

Thanks to the distance shopping facilities, you’re not only restricted to your neighborhood because any person on earth with a simple internet connection can be your next customer! With RMPro’s new feature, you can market to the world and boost your business indefinitely.

6. Transactions Are Now 3X Faster!

Time goes by so slowly, especially when you’re waiting for the banking system’s response. If you’re also fed up waiting on the transactions to complete, RMPro’s new solution is your answer!
RMPro now automates the payment process without any human interaction. Thanks to this superfast feature, RM Pro shrinks the average 30 seconds into 10 to save you and your customers’ precious time.

7. Three-Layer Encryption that Guarantees Complete Security.

Safety comes first. Without a proper security system, online shopping would be doomed to fail. RMPro’s new solution is superpowered with a three-layered encryption system that helps you rest assured that the transaction is completed safely and keeps the hackers behind the door.
This encryption system has passed the test by the security experts and is now ready to protect you and your customers in the online world!

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

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