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Finally, you can use RMPro from your mobile device! The most common point-of-sale functions are available to use from any iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet, enabling you to produce invoices from your sales floor or right at your customer’s location.

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Problems That We Have The Solutions

Mobile Invoicing Limitations

Lack of data access outside the store creates inconvenience; can't create an invoice at the customer location

On-the-Go POS Access

Enable remote access to Point-of-Sale and customer history from mobile devices for on-the-spot use

Missing Sales Opportunities

Salespeople leaving customers to lookup data risk losing sales due to absence and distraction

Seamless Data Access

Enable access to data from anywhere in-store, keeping salespeople present and focused on customers


Yes, you can. RMPro Mobile is a new Android and iOS app which you can run on your phone or tablet, providing you access to your RMPro server away from your workstation. You can configure it to be accessible from the outside, so you can use the app from around the world. This mobile app provides the basic functions that make sense to access away from the store, including inventory, customers, sales, approvals, consignments, and services. These are connected directly to your live RMPro server using the RMPro API. In order to access your mobile device from outside your store, you must have your internet connection set up with a static IP address, and have your network configured to point to your RMPro server. Contact Us for more information on RMPro Mobile.

No, the mobile app is targeted to provide you the basic Point-of-Sale functions which make sense to perform from outside of your store. Future versions of the app may support further features, such as physical inventory or general inventory management.

Currently, the mobile app supports creating Sale, Approval, Consigned, and Service invoices. Services allow you to enter details of a customer’s item including up to 5 pictures for each item. The next version of the mobile app will also support back orders.

Much easier than the legacy point-of-sale! The mobile app does not restrict you to the same step-by-step workflow of the standard POS – instead, you can start adding items to the cart before you even enter the customer information.

Yes it does! Everything you do in the mobile app is done instantly in your live RMPro system. When putting together an invoice, this is in the form of a “cart” which remains on your mobile device until you’re ready to complete the invoice, at which point the invoice is sent to your RMPro system on the spot.

Yes you can! You can perform a combination of a free-text search and a more advanced filter to narrow down your search and find exactly what you’re looking for – whether by size, color, and other properties, or by simply typing in an item number. You can view detailed information about each item, including all the images with zoom ability.

You can either search for existing customers, or choose to create a new customer. The app will also attempt to match up a new customer with an existing account, just in case you’re trying to create a duplicate customer account.

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