Multiple Devices

Don’t worry about losing sales when you are miles away from your central PC. Just install the RMPro Mobile absolutely device compatible app on whatever device you wish. Have fun!


People like you do it this way

Problems That We Have The Solutions

PC Limitations

When you are far away from the store PC, lack of accessing sales data, customer history and inventory details could be a challenge and all the common POS operations are almost impossible.

Unlimited Access

With RMPro Mobile, you can perform basic point-of-sale operations right from your mobile device, no matter IOS or android smartphones or even tablets, ideal for when you’re away.

Multi-device Disintegration

Using a single app on multiple devices is often associated with tons of distractions, disintegrations and loss of critical date at the critical moment.

Seamless Integration

RMPro Mobile offers a smooth integrated experience across smartphones, allowing you to switch between devices without losing track of data.

Risk of Data Loss

Critical information is always threatened by the employee theft, data loss or breach in the workplaces when not securely saved and protected.

Backup and Security System

The RMPro mobile app offers safe and sound backup and security features, data is stored in a cloud and can be accessed using any device. This prevents data loss or theft.


No, the mobile app is targeted to provide you the basic Point-of-Sale functions which make sense to perform from outside of your store. Future versions of the app may support further features, such as physical inventory or general inventory management.

Yes it does! Everything you do in the mobile app is done instantly in your live RMPro system. When putting together an invoice, this is in the form of a “cart” which remains on your mobile device until you’re ready to complete the invoice, at which point the invoice is sent to your RMPro system on the spot.

Yes it does! For example, the app will respect your settings for whether to require media type, email, or phone, as well as numerous user privileges and system settings which already control your standard software.

Yes there is! By default, when you first install the app, you immediately have the ability to login to a “Demo” environment, allowing you to fiddle around with the app and do whatever you wish. During this time, a red frame will be visible around the border of the app, reminding you that you’re in the Demo system.

At this time, you will need to at minimum have a WiFi network available to connect to which also allows access to your RMPro server. Please [contact RMPro support] for assistance.

Yes you can! This will require some network configuration which is not easily done by an average user, so please [contact RMPro support] for assistance.

Yes it can! We understand that some users work for more than one company which uses RMPro, so we’ve provided a switch to toggle between different RMPro systems as needed.

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