Just like most of the business owners, is your top priority creating successful customer experience? Use RMPro on your cellphone. Keep close to your customers and let them feel valued.


People like you do it this way

Problems That We Have The Solutions

Customer Unavailability

When customer data are not accessible at the right time in the right place, many life-changing business opportunities will simply be lost and you’ll fail to prospect the market for future customers.

Hand-in-hand with Customers

By having customer information and history available on both mobile and desktop apps, you can run your business from anywhere at any time and maximize your earning potential!

Weak Customer Bond

Being distant and uncaring in the relationship with customers, which determines a business failure, roots from neglecting to have the customer’s history and personal information.

Killer Customer Relationship

By storing customer’s info in your cellphone, improve more personalized and tailored customer service and build stronger bonds with your customers. This will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Dissatisfaction

Having no access to the customer’s information and history, causes expectations that haven’t been met by the service provider and leads to unhappy or frustrated customers.

Customer is God

RMPro Mobile helps you scrutinize your customers and their attitudes, identify patterns and trends that can upgrade your business strategy and improve your overall business performance.


Yes you can! You can either search for existing customers, or choose to create a new customer. The app will also attempt to match up a new customer with an existing account, just in case you’re trying to create a duplicate customer account.

Yes you can! When you open a customer account, you have access to that customer’s history, similar to how you can view transaction history from within RMPro. You can even open PDF copies of prior invoices if you need to visually see or even send to the customer.

Yes it can! From the customer screen, there’s a GPS button next to their mailing and shipping address areas so that you can open the directions from whatever GPS app is installed on your mobile device.

Yes you can! From the customer screen, there’s a button next to each phone number or email field which is populated, making it quick and easy to either call that customer or email them using whatever app is installed on your mobile device.

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