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Customer service is no way a matter of one-type-fits all. Wrap up all the customer service types in your device. Stay updated with your RMPro Mobile memory guard. 


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Problems That We Have The Solutions

Forgotten Customer Service Type.

You will risk your company credit and reliability when you come up with a forgotten customer service type having been placed order long ago.

Service Recovery Tool.

The services section of the mobile app deals with customers’ items which are to be serviced, such as cleaning or repair. It’s already prepared for you to immediately enter service type information and view when necessary.

Missed Customer’s Item.

It’s a disaster when you haven’t got the foggiest idea what a specific customer item had been in queue for a certain type of service.

Visualize Customers Orders.

You can add up to 5 images for each customer item in RMPro app. This can be a picture either from your device’s camera or one already saved to your gallery.

Multiple Item-related Charges.

A single service item can have multiple item-related charges associated with it to be considered and disregarding them will adversely affect your income.

Toggle Between Charge Modes.

Just tap the green button. “Add New Services” at the bottom of the RMPro app screen. You will be displayed a list of all item related charges to pick from. Tap on one of these charge types, and enter information about that charge.


Not yet, but that will be coming soon in the next version. That would allow you to make use of the new service features in RMPro to pick specific operations and automatically calculate the total price of services based on the setup.

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