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It’s always been a fancy for the business owners to make deals and execute transactions while on-the-go. Not to get left behind making big bucks, RMPro-mobile is the magic bullet!


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Invoice Type Selection

Selecting the type of invoice from a list every time you are creating one, is a matter of consuming time and energy.

Invoice Type Determination

RMPro mobile app can determine what invoice type, the most current, automatically starts up when creating a new invoice.

Pre-defined Invoices.

Once a customer comes up with a brilliant payment background, expectation arises for him to be incentivized in overdue payments and out of a time frame.

Customized Invoices.

With RMPro app, depending on your user privileges, you may or may not be allowed to create an invoice without full payment. You can also split it into multiple payments if needed.

Negative Payment History.

Negative information in a customer payment history can be a high risk for your business and unfavorably impacts your finance.

Access Customers Payments Status.

RMPro Invoice History tab gives you access to the customer’s prior invoice history, charges, payments and all specific transactions associated with it.


Currently, the mobile app supports creating Sale, Approval, Consigned, and Service invoices. Services allow you to enter details of a customer’s item including up to 5 pictures for each item. The next version of the mobile app will also support back orders.

Much easier than the legacy point-of-sale! The mobile app does not restrict you to the same step-by-step workflow of the standard POS – instead, you can start adding items to the cart before you even enter the customer information.

Yes, you can! After creating an invoice, you have an option to “Download PDF”, and from there you can choose to email the invoice using whatever email app is installed on your mobile device.

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