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Have you ever imagined how desperate you will be if you could just offer limited payment methods to your customer?

Embrace multi- payment options using RMPro app on your cellphone.


People like you do it this way

Problems That We Have The Solutions

Remote Transaction Limits

Executing transactions while remoted from the centralized posing of the store could be considered as a serious challenge.

Adopt Technology

RMPro mobile app is here to take you into the future and beyond. Experience the comfort and streamlined process of remote transactions.

Pre-fixed Prices

Customers are always waiting for the promotional offers and if there’s not a price discount they won’t be incentivized to purchase more.

Customized Pricing

RMPro app is equipped with a switch for toggling between either a dollar discount subtracted from the price, or a percent discount off of the price.

Limited Payment Options

Research on the global market shows that limited payment options restrict online sales by up to 30% which could be a serious threat to the organizations.

Multi-option Payments

Our software provides you with choosing different payment methods, as cash, card or check. Keep making life-changing deals!


It sure does! If your RMPro is configured to process credit cards, then the mobile app will automatically work as well. The features are more or less the same, allowing you to enter an “Approval Code” to override it to not process – just like the desktop Point-of-Sale.

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