RMPro Backorder Management

Coordinating Orders between your Customers and Vendors

See how RMPro Backorder Management can help you:

  • Enjoy a clear and cohesive workflow that manages the whole process from customer to vendor
  • Integrate with the Purchase order module and avoid double entry of information 
  • See updates as orders are created, sent, received, and ultimately shipped
  • Enjoy high-quality images and easy access to product information from DataLink integrated into POS without searching around
  • Make accounting tasks easier by keeping track of fulfillment history for old orders

Connect Vendors and Customers 

RMPro’s backorder management system, with its automated workflow, eliminates the disconnection between a customer’s backorder and a vendor’s purchase order, ensuring that full, company-wide visibility is maintained throughout the entire process, from ordering items to completing orders, shipping, and delivery of the orders. Through such a lengthy order management process you’ll be able to automatically produce Purchase Orders to send to your vendors or manually link Back Orders to stock items.

Avoid Double Entries

Eliminate double entry by automatically reusing product data between Purchase Order and Back Order. This will maintain the sales flow with each customer by having all the necessary information at hand for expediting the transaction. Put an end to typos, and mistakes and search for incomplete or fragmented product information by utilizing RMPro to search the database and provide extensive product information automatically.

Consolidate Many Orders Together

Stay efficient with how you handle business with your vendors. Manage a high-volume back order sale with many items from the same vendor with a single combined purchase order.

Have a Clear View of Customer Order Status

No need to have several employees handling different aspects of the process of fulfilling back-orders. Your entire staff now has visibility and can keep track of expected delivery dates and tracking numbers. Customers are able to be kept informed of their order’s status more easily and quickly.

By integrating with our DataLink module, you can access the most up-to-date electronic product database with a complete set of images of all the possible vendors’ items in a standardized manner. Organized, accurate, cataloged, and searchable from a single place, showing availability, and directly connected to the vendor’s e-catalog inventory. The specific product images can give customers a preview of what they can expect to receive and reduce the chances of them being dissatisfied with what they receive.

Make Reporting Accurate and Flexible

Since the process is completely separated, sales reporting for accounting can be completed in a very specific and accurate manner in the appropriate month. Further, the Backorder system allows for more flexible reporting to accommodate different accounting practices. Back Orders, for example, should be considered a sale upon receipt of the invoice or once the order has been completed.

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