Customer Pick-ups

The customer’s item has been transferred to the service center while there’s no trace here whose the item is, when and by whom has been transferred. 

RMPro module knows ALL!


People like you do it this way

Problems That We Have The Solutions

Limited Pickup Info

No matter who, the customers themselves or your employees, brings the items to the service center, no info will always be available of exactly what or when the delivery took place.

Easy-to-record Tool

A separate module is added to RMPro to manage and record these pickups and deliveries, and document essential data.

Miss leading Invoices

Invoices are misinformative, when there’s no record exhibiting whether the delivery has been accomplished or not.

Revealing Invoices

Record in RMPro will prevent related Invoice from setting it as “Completed” until “Delivered” to customer. If a service invoice has “Pickup from Customer” tag, it will always expect Delivery that needs to be fulfilled.


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