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Loom Report: Real-time Report on Your Production Progress

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Retailers and manufacturers, when it comes to custom-made rugs, have fragmented and disjointed relationships. It is almost impossible to achieve the desired result due to the lack of visibility or simple communication. Many retailers routinely email their vendors, asking for updates, time estimates, photographs, and even videos of the rug being woven. Considering that a single retailer may have to manage hundreds of manufacturing projects at once, the situation appears even more difficult. 

What if I told you that RMInnovation is now offering a brand new solution that addresses precisely this issue? 

We’re pleased to announce that RM Innovation has developed a tool called Loom Report to streamline the process of custom rug manufacturing. 

 Loom Report Platform 

The Loom Report is a centralized platform for retailers and vendors to communicate more effectively and track the progress of custom orders, back orders, and stock orders. The Loom Report provides retailers with the ability to submit orders and check their status, while vendors can view orders and provide regular updates. Furthermore, vendors can provide reference numbers, estimated time of arrival, and the percentage of the manufacturing process that is complete. All collaborations can now be managed on one easy-to-use platform. This eliminates the need to search through your emails or ask your vendors for status updates on a regular basis. 

Let’s see how Loom Report helps your collaboration with vendors: 

A Central Portal for Retailers and All their Vendors 

Work with many vendors? Nothing to worry about! Invite your vendors to participate in the Loom Report, and agree with them on regular status updates. Each vendor can create their own account to access the Loom Report, and your orders will be visible to them immediately. All that remains for them to do is handle the orders on their list and provide updates on the progress of the orders. 

Then, as a retailer, you can keep track of the status of the items and communicate with their vendors if necessary. Communication with vendors can be done through the platform by adding notes and attachments. 

Vendors Provide Regular Updates and Retailers Monitor in Real-Time 

Using Loom Report, retailers can easily monitor the progress of all of their custom-made products at any point in the manufacturing process. 

As long as your vendors are willing to update the Loom Report on a regular basis, you will always have access to the latest and greatest information all in one place. 

This information includes details such as the estimated arrival time and progress percentage as well as any images and/or videos that the vendor uploads. 

Even if you are juggling several vendors and hundreds of custom items, you can keep a close eye on how your custom orders are coming along. Now you can stay on top of everything thanks to Loom Report. 

Visually track the progress of the item 

To get a sense of how an item is progressing, nothing compares to watching real-time images and videos of that item in manufacturing. 

In providing progress updates, vendors can attach any number of files that you may require. Besides photographs of rugs on looms, or videos showing someone weaving rugs, virtually any file type may be attached. In this way, you will be able to observe the rug’s progress throughout the process and ensure that it is developing exactly as it should. 

Additionally, retailers have the option of uploading attachments. This could include an explanation of how they would like their item to be manufactured, color codes, or whatever type of file they wish. 

Designing rugs using CAD software? These files may be attached and shared both ways. 

Are you requesting your vendor to send you shipping and customs documents? Those can be centralized as well! 

Automatically Remind Vendors to Update You 

Continuously contacting your vendors and requesting regular updates is an inefficient means of managing your orders. This is why we are removing the burden from your shoulders by implementing automatic reminders. The Loom Report provides an alert system that notifies retailers when orders are updated or modified. 

If your vendor fails to update you on time, the Loom Report will automatically send them a reminder. Additionally, if more time has passed and still no update has been received, you will receive an automatic notification. You will no longer have to spend endless hours reviewing orders! 

Integrate Loom Report with your RMPro 

RMPro’s integration with Loom Report makes it even more convenient to use. It is now possible to communicate with your custom rug manufacturers via your RMPro program seamlessly and efficiently. 

Orders can be sent directly to the Loom Report from within RMPro software. The status of items can also be checked directly from within RMPro. You can access the latest Loom Report details with just a couple of clicks, without having to open the website. 

Send Orders Directly from RMPro 

Data double-entry is often a time-consuming and error-prone process. This is why we have integrated RMPro with the Loom Report so that items can be sent directly from RMPro to the Loom Report! You may order stock items (items that you receive for your own stock), custom items (made for customers on a Custom Order), and back order items (program items that are fulfilled for customer Back Orders). No matter what, you can easily and quickly send all the details to your vendors through Loom Report. This includes all the files attached to an order. 

Check Item Status Directly Within RMPro 

If an item was initially sent to the Loom Report from RMPro, then you can also check the status of the item using RMPro. A single click in RMPro will connect to the Loom Report and retrieve the latest information, such as the current step, the estimated time of arrival, and the percent completed. You may also click on the “Show on Loom” button to bring up a web browser and navigate directly to the item you are interested in on the Loom Report website. Getting the information you need has never been easier! 

Why don’t you get started today? Contact us today, and get started! 







Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

Start Automated Success with RMPRO today

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